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Dutch team to assess impact of bariatric surgery on spinal epidural lipomatosis

Mon, 11/02/2020 - 15:55
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Researchers from Rijnstate ziekenhuis Arnhem, Arnhem, the Netherlands, are investigating whether the volumetric amount of spinal epidural lipomatosis (SEL) declines significantly in the lower spine after bariatric surgery. The observational study, ‘Spinal epidural lipomatosis before and after bariatric surgery’, is aiming to recruit 50 patients and compared the volume of SEL in bariatric patients before and after surgery and those patients with normal weight (BMI 20-25).

SEL is a pathological overgrowth of normal adipose tissue in the extradural space within the spinal canal causing compression of the nerve roots and the spinal cord. Patients with SEL may present a wide variety of symptoms such as progressive and long-standing complaints of back pain, radiating leg pain, neurogenic claudication and decreased pinprick sensation. The study team believes this is the first study to assess volumetric evaluation of bariatric patients before and after surgery.

All patients who underwent bariatric surgery between January 1st 2015 and January 1st 2020 in Rijnstate hospital will be screened for the following eligibility criteria: i) must have undergone bariatric surgery and ii) must have had Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the lumbar spine in the 12 months prior to their surgery and iii) must be willing to undergo one repeat MRI for the purpose of this study.

A convenience sampling method will be utilised with the aim to recruit patients from Rijnstate hospital i) who have had MRI of the lumbar spine and ii) had a BMI 20-25 during the MRI of the lumbar spine and iii) are from the same sex as the patients in the obese group and iiii) have the same age, with a range of five years, as the patients in the obese group.

The study is planned to finish in May 2021.