The number of bariatric surgeries is increasing every year, due to the longterm efficacy on weight loss and comorbidity reduction1 . As a consequence of this type of surgery, however, patients are at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, negatively impacting their health. At FitForMe, we believe in improving the quality of life for each individual. We offer scientifically proven effective food supplements, tailored to the nutritional needs of patients after each type of bariatric surgery, and support our customers through their journey. FitForMe is locally present in 22 countries and globally available online, for bariatric patients all over the world.

Essential multivitamins After bariatric surgery, the decrease of food intake and micronutrient malabsorption cause a lifelong change in dietary needs2 . Deficiencies are very common and may lead to lifelong health complications. Standard multivitamins have proven to be inadequate to meet the nutritional needs of bariatric patients3 .

To answer to the specific needs of bariatric patients, FitForMe has developed a range of scientifically proven effective WLS multivitamins. One capsule or chewable per day contains the required micronutrients, specified per type of surgery. The following multivitamins are available at FitForMe:

Additional supplements for patients Next to a daily multivitamin, your patients may require additional support in their micronutrient intake. For example, bariatric patients are advised to take calcium supplements to prevent calcium deficiencies and related comorbidities like osteoporosis3 . For these patients, FitForMe has developed a range of calcium supplements: Calcium Plus, which contains 231 mg of calcium per tablet, and Calcium Forte, which contains 500 mg of calcium per chewable tablet. The composition and dosages of these and other separate FitForMe food supplements are based on scientific research and tailored to the needs of bariatric patients. This way, FitForMe supports you in providing your patients with the right supplements to fit their tailored dietary needs.

Your source for research on bariatric supplementation Science is at the heart of FitForMe’s product innovations and customer support. In collaboration with researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide, the company continuously develops and improves their products, using a high level of scientific research. Recently, a platform was launched for healthcare professionals in bariatrics to discover the latest scientific information about the nutritional needs of bariatric patients. Join the platform to find:

  • Both FitForMe and external publications on bariatric supplementation
  • Scientific-based information on relevant topics
  • Online engagement opportunities to initiate new research
  • Meetings and events in the field of bariatrics

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