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UK needs 50,000 bariatric procedures a year

The NHS should significantly increase rates of bariatric surgery to 50,000 a year, closer to the European average, to bring major health benefits for patients and help reduce healthcare costs in the long term, according to a paper published in The BMJ. The paper states that between 2011-12 and 2014-15, the number of bariatric operations performed on the NHS fell by 31% - from 8,794 to 6,032, and less than 1% of those who could benefit get treatment.

Surgical criteria more stringent in Wales than England

Patient in Wales have to meet stricter criteria than their English counterparts to qualify for bariatric surgery, according to a report for the Welsh assembly's Health and Social Care Committee.

"There is a disparity between entry criteria [for surgery] in England and Wales,” Mr Jonathan Barry, one of Wales' only two bariatric surgeons, told BBC Wales. "Currently in Wales you have to be twice the weight you should be [to qualify] and have significant obesity-related co-morbidities."

Emergency bariatric admissions have significant implications

The National Health Service in the UK will face an increasing number of patients presenting with bariatric emergencies and is unprepared, according to two studies presented at this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society in Leamington Spa, UK, from 22 – 24 January.

The first study from researchers at Scarborough Hospital, Scarborough, UK, examined the issue of bariatric patients presenting with abdominal emergencies at a district general hospital that does not have an in-house bariatric surgical service.

Wales: Eat more to qualify for bariatric surgery

An inquiry in Wales has found a 'perverse incentive' for obese patients to put on further weight to meet the requirements for 'poorly funded' bariatric surgery.

Although an all-Wales anti-obesity strategy was launched more than three years ago, the report found that funding for anti-obesity and bariatric treatments were non-existent.

Two million adults in England eligible for surgery

More than 5% of adults in England qualify for bariatric surgery, according to a study by researchers from Imperial College, London, UK. Although this equates to more than 2.1 million adults, unsurprisingly, the paper found that the number of people eligible for surgery ‘far exceeds’ the estimated number of people having procedures.

Ireland: 80,000 require bariatric surgery

An estimated 80,000 people are morbidly obese and require bariatric surgery in Ireland, the Irish Independent has reported.

According to the report, some 2% of the Irish population have a BMI>40. Dr Francis Finucane (Galway University Hospital), a consultant endocrinologist who specialises in obesity, has called for an increase in the number of bariatric procedures, a move which he believe would cut costs significantly.

UK report shows disparities in bariatric surgery provision

According to a new report from the UK’s NHS Information Centre, there are still inequalities in bariatric care depending on a patient’s location, rather than need.

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