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hospital stay

ENERGY: bariatric operations cuts hospital stays by half

A change in the care protocol of patients undergoing bariatric surgery exceeded its desired effect by cutting post-operative hospital stays in half, reducing postoperative hospital readmissions by 38 percent and reducing the amount of opioids the patients were sent home with by 95 percent, according to study results from a large bariatric and metabolic surgery centre in Charleston, SC.

Bariatric surgery impacts joint replacement outcomes

Bariatric surgery performed prior to a total hip or knee replacement can reduce in-hospital and 90-day postoperative complications and improve patient health, but it does not reduce the risk of needing a revision surgery., according to a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Powered staplers associated with benefits vs manual staplers

Powered surgical staplers result in significant clinical and economic benefits, compared to the most manual staplers, according to a study by researchers from Johnson & Johnson. The study showed that use of powered staplers was associated with significant clinical and economic benefits including 47% lower rate of bleeding complications, 14% shorter operating room time and 13% lower overall hospital costs compared to manual staplers.

ERAS protocol reduces hospital stay for LSG patients

The results from a randomised clinical trial have shown that perioperative care with enhanced recovery following laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, led to reduced hospital stay. The outcomes also revealed that the ERAS programme was cost‐effective was not associated with an increase in perioperative morbidity.

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