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Diabetes global survey

IDF launch global survey investigating early T2DM

More than 10,000 people with the disease and more than 6,500 treating physicians from 26 countries are to take part in the survey

The International Diabetes Federation, in conjunction with Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company, have launched the global survey investigating early T2DM. More than 10,000 people with the disease and more than 6,500 treating physicians from 26 countries are to take part in the survey to investigate how early conversations between people with T2DM and physicians can be optimised Insights from survey will be used to develop solutions to support primary care physicians and people with T2DM.  

The findings will provide in-depth insights into early conversations at diagnosis and when an additional therapy may be required beyond the first medication. The survey will also investigate how these early conversations may be linked to an individual’s wellbeing and other self-reported outcomes.

“Being diagnosed with T2DM can be a challenging and emotional period, which understandably, many people find overwhelming,” said Ms Anne Belton, Vice President at the International Diabetes Federation. “Ensuring individuals have the support they need at this time as well as an understanding of the progressive nature of their condition and the importance of self-management - right from the start - is crucial to success in the long run. The early conversations people with Type 2 Diabetes have with their physicians are essential. This new survey will provide valuable insights into these important early conversations and will help aid the development of solutions for physicians and people with Type 2 Diabetes. Together these will help deliver valuable support early on in the treatment pathway.”  

The survey is concentrated on the needs and realities of primary care. It utilises a combination of both validated tools and new research approaches, to investigate the early conversations in T2DM. It is expected to produce information on what patients take away from these conversations and how this is associated with patient wellbeing and other self-reported patient outcomes. Results from the survey will provide insights to aid in the development of solutions that can support physicians in conducting early T2DM conversations and optimise the limited time they have for patients, by focusing on the elements that have the potential to make a difference.  

Early and comprehensive management of T2DM has been shown to lead to better outcomes and the reduction of diabetes-related complications. Effective communication between a person living with T2DM and their physician right from diagnosis may increase the individual’s satisfaction and adherence, improve quality of life, enhance self-care, and may even improve blood glucose control and outcomes.

The global survey will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current perceptions of both physicians and people living with T2DM of these important early conversations and will highlight challenges or potential areas for improvement. Solutions based on the insights provided will be developed by the Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly and Company Diabetes Alliance. These will aim to support primary care physicians and people living with T2DM, so they remain informed, motivated and confident in their efforts to actively manage their condition.

The first results are expected to be announced during 2014.  

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