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29/04/19 - Community
Mal Fobi’s Corner
Vertical resection of the stomach to reduce the gastric reservoir in the biliopancreatic diversion operation (BPD) was introduced by Hess in order to decrease the incidence of marginal ulcers in that...
25/02/19 - Community
Mal Fobi’s Corner
Should a bariatric surgeon perform the procedure requested by the patient? I am often asked this question. I have always taken this to be a push back by surgeons who claim they did an operation...
09/10/18 - Community
Bandboozled slimming club
Launched in partnership with The Hospital Group, Bandboozled offers invaluable support and education which are key to getting the full benefit of the weight loss surgery success and achieving weight...
24/09/18 - Community
Probiotics and intestinal health
Bacteria have been known to cause several infections. For that reason, we take antibiotics to get rid of these bacteria. Our aim is to stop the bacteria from spreading and causing unwarranted...
10/09/18 - Community
Book Review
It is a great honour for me to be requested to write an independent review for this book Prevention and Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery published by Oxford University Press this year...
20/12/19 - Community
top ten in 2019
It has been another busy year for Bariatric News and we are delighted to announced we have had over half a million visitors so far in 2019 (a record 522,907 as of 19th December 2019). We are now...
16/12/19 - Community
The International Bariatric Club
The year was 2008 and it was another Wednesday evening monthly ‘Journal Club’ presented by the bariatric surgery fellows of the Cleveland Clinic Ohio. As I listened attentively to the excellent...
12/12/19 - Community
Childhood obesity
Children and babies are at risk for obesity in today's age more than ever. There are a number of factors and reasons that children become overweight or having obesity whether that be environmental...

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