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Childhood obesity

Prevalence of child and youth obesity

(Credit: Obesity Action Coalition
Statistically, 340 million children that are between the ages of five and nineteen are overweight or have obesity.

Children and babies are at risk for obesity in today's age more than ever. There are a number of factors and reasons that children become overweight or having obesity whether that be environmental issues or habits that they are exposed to at home and in their daily lives.

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The main causes of childhood obesity are things that can be attributed to genetic factors such as lack of physical activity, eating habits that are unhealthy, hormonal problems, or a combination of all of these things. At times the problems of weight run in a child's family genetics, although there are times that while obesity runs in the family it doesn't necessarily mean that a child will become overweight.

Statistically, 340 million children that are between the ages of five and nineteen are overweight or have obesity. Children under the age of five years old account for 41 million children have obesity and are overweight in the world.

In order to reduce the risk of your child being overweight help them to incorporate physical activity into their daily routine. They should try to spend time exercising or playing outside for anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours.

Daily activity can not only reduce your child's risk of obesity it can also reduce their risk of high blood pressure and other diseases that can come from the excessive weight on their joints.

Another thing that you can do to reduce your child's risk of having obesity in the future is to change their eating habits. Foods that are prepackaged and processed are known to have a higher level of refined sugars and salt within them.

They have a higher level of sugars and salt because they have to do something in order to preserve these prepackaged foods.

In the year 2026 3 million children are predicted to be in need of Medicaid assistance. Medicaid provides free governmental services as well as provides programs that provide food to parents and children that aren't able to provide in the way that they need too.

22.2% of all children with obesity are black youths, compared to 11.8% who are white and 7.3% who are Asian children. Take into account that the reason some children have obesity is because of the environment that they are born into.

This is where Medicaid comes into play, families that live in poverty-stricken areas are at higher risk for not having the resources that they need in order to provide for their families. It also means that children are exposed to things like sugar-filled snacks and other foods that are overly processed.

Obesity can be contributed to outside of the home as well, especially in school settings. Children aren't given the proper selections that they need during lunch periods in order to make the right choices.

It has been proven in a number of studies that school lunches are not adequate and barely meet the health requirements set forth by US state regulation boards. They see things such as macaroni and cheese or providing an apple as the healthy alternative that children can choose to eat during lunch periods.

When a child has obesity as they are growing it eventually leads them to experiencing issues linked to obesity as they grow into adulthood. Which can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases that come from being overweight.

According to statistics male children consume 88.5 grams of fat whilst females consume 72.3 grams of fat. To combat this, think about selecting proteins that are lean and if they aren't packaged with the fat cut off contact your local butcher to manually cut the fat off of the meat for you.

Incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your children's diets as well. The fresher ingredients that you use in your family's diet the more control you have when it comes to what is within the foods and meals that you are eating.

When you rely solely on prepackaged meats and foods you don't have any control over the things that are in your food such as sugar, salt, and other ingredients like citric acid. It is important that you do the things you need to do in order to promote a healthier future for your children.

By restructuring their lives and being the example that they need to see it is more likely that you can reduce and eliminate the potential that they will become overweight later on in life. Children form habits while they are young,and those habits are learned from their parents.

Remember, incorporate physical activity, better food options, and set the example for your children so that they don't have to experience the issues and diseases that can come from being overweight. Not to mention the societal pressures like bullying that children who are overweight may experience when they are in school.

We hope that shedding light on everything that can cause your child to become overweight and introducing you to some of the statistics your child will face can help you to make the changes that your child needs in their lives.

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