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EnteroMedics changes its name to ReShape Lifesciences

ReShape Lifesciences is a medical device company focused on technology to treat obesity and metabolic diseases

EnteroMedics has formally changed its name to ReShape Lifesciences, the new name reflects the company’s expansion and growth into a full-scale provider of medical devices to address the continuum of care for obesity and its associated health conditions. The company’s portfolio, designed to help patients lose weight and live a healthier life, includes two FDA-approved devices, the vBloc System and ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System, as well as the Gastric Vest System, an investigational device.

“Our new name, ReShape Lifesciences, conveys our commitment to customers and patients as a long-term partner helping address obesity and its associated comorbidities. The name exemplifies our core mission of enhancing and extending life for patients,” said Dan Gladney, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. “With the recent acquisitions of ReShape Medical and BarioSurg, we have transformed from a single-product company to a comprehensive provider of multiple effective, innovative, and minimally-invasive obesity solutions for our patients and physician-customers.”

ReShape Lifesciences is a medical device company focused on technology to treat obesity and metabolic diseases. vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy, delivered by an FDA-approved pacemaker-like device called the vBloc System, is designed to help patients with BMI35-45 feel full and eat less by intermittently blocking hunger signals on the vagus nerve.

The FDA-approved ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System involves a non-surgical weight loss procedure that uses advanced balloon technology designed to take up room in the stomach to help people with BMI30-40, and at least one co-morbidity, lose weight.

The Gastric Vest System is an investigational, minimally invasive, laparoscopically implanted medical device that wraps around the stomach, emulating the gastric volume reduction effect of conventional weight-loss surgery, and is intended to enable rapid weight loss in obese and morbidly obese patients without permanently changing patient anatomy.

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