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Congress Report

Russian congress reports on the surgical treatment of obesity

The three-day scientific forum, which was organised by the Russian Society of Bariatric Surgeons, was attended by 400+ delegates

According to the data of the Russian Institute of Nutrition, almost 60% of the population are suffering from obesity, and this figure continues to grow. Metabolic disturbances in the body, including diabetes type 2 are a serious social problem that has reached global proportions. No wonder, every year there is an increase in the number of bariatric surgery procedures. What are the problems faced by this branch of medicine, how are surgical techniques developing and what is the best world experience? All this was discussed at the Moscow International Bariatric Congress in the Russian capital.

The three-day scientific forum, which was organised by the Russian Society of Bariatric Surgeons, held in Moscow from 20-22 April and featured some of the world's leading bariatric and metabolic surgeons. It was held in the "Holiday Inn Sokolniki" and was attended by about approximately 400 Russian and foreign experts from over 30 countries, as well as leaders of national industry associations, relevant departments of medical centres, teachers and academic advisors. As well as bariatric surgeons, delegates from other specialties included internists, endocrinologists, anesthesiologists, psychologists and psychiatrists.   

Organisational support for the event was provided by the International Federation of Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) and a number of Russian medical institutions. According to the organizers, one of the tasks of the Congress was to give impetus to further development of bariatric and metabolic surgery, not only in Russia, but also in the neighboring countries where this discipline has recently started to develop successfully, including: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 

Yuri Yashkov

"Without a clear interaction between surgeons and nonsurgical profile specialists the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes can't be a successful," said the President of the Moscow International Bariatric Congress and the Society of Bariatric Surgeons, Professor Yuri Yashkov. “Implementation of such interdisciplinary congresses is a widespread tradition, such meetings are held for several years in the United States, the first European Summit on Obesity will be held in June. For Russia, this event is unique as the nature of the fact and the level of organization and involvement of international experts."

During the plenary sessions, participants considered various types of bariatric surgery (restrictive, bypass, combined and mini-invasive), discussed the unexpected situations in their conduct and complications, anesthesia problems, post-operative rehabilitation and post-bariatric plastic surgery. Separate sections were devoted to surgical treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, comorbid conditions, issues of psychological correction, diet-amendment and medical support of bariatric patients as well as child and adolescent obesity.

National clinical guidelines in the field of surgical treatment of metabolic disorders were also the subject of extensive medical and surgical seminar. Not only did this session review existing standards, but it also proposed a number of amendments to be made to the recommendations, taking into account current medical problems and possibilities of modern technologies.

In addition to traditional scientific sessions, the Congress Programme were included international workshops for surgeons and anesthesiologists. The participants demonstrated the recent practical achievements by experts from Russia, Turkey, India, Iran, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and other countries. Some performances took place in the video broadcasting mode.

In addition, the Congress was held 17th meeting of the International bariatric Club - the organisation that has grown from a group in the social network Facebook, where experts from around the world consult with colleagues about non-standard issues of their practice. Several years ago the Club came out of virtual space and became a permanent member of the largest international congresses, while maintaining its main focus - the uniqueness of the topics discussed.

According to participants, the Moscow International Bariatric Congress’ interdisciplinary nature allowed a fresh look at the problem of obesity surgery and metabolic disorders, enabling a rethink of existing approaches and standards. Delegates appreciated the opportunity to get acquainted with surgeons with international experience and modern achievements of bariatric surgery, as well as new equipment, medicines and medical supplies, presented at the exhibition.

The decision on the regularity of the forum is still pending, but, according to representatives of the Society of Bariatric Surgeons, the high interest of the audience and foreign colleagues speaks for itself. 

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