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11/12/19 - Research
Lower BMI and T2DM risk
Lower BMI is consistently associated with reduced type II diabetes risk, among people with varied family history, genetic risk factors and weight, according to a study led by Dr Manuel Rivas of...
11/12/19 - Research
mHMGCS enzyme
A previously unknown mechanism that suppresses satiety signals from the small intestine could explain, satiety disorders in patient with obesity and diabetes, and the prompt health effects of gastric...
11/12/19 - Research
Mal Fobi’s Corner
Publications on outcomes of bariatric metabolic surgeries (BMS) are going through the phase of rediscovering the wheel. Obesity is a life long disease. From the later half of the 70s through the...
10/12/19 - Research
Vitamin D deficiency
Patients who adhered to a programme of routine post-surgical supplementation can reduce Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, according to researchers from the University of Manchester, Manchester...
10/12/19 - Research
Metformin, one of the most widely used medications in the world and is commonly prescribed for Type 2 diabetes, however in preclinical models, metformin also showed benefits on aging and a number of...
12/12/19 - Research
Food impulsivity
Impulsivity or responding without thinking about the consequences of an action, has been linked to excessive food intake, binge eating, weight gain and obesity, along with several psychiatric...
12/12/19 - Research
Stem cells and diabetes
Stem cells could help turn the tide against diabetes, but more research is needed to better control their differentiation and insulin-producing properties, according to investigators from A*STAR's...
12/12/19 - Community
Childhood obesity
Children and babies are at risk for obesity in today's age more than ever. There are a number of factors and reasons that children become overweight or having obesity whether that be environmental...

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