Researchers produce proteins that reduce excess levels of triglycerides

Researchers Mark Castleberry, a doctoral student, and professor Sean Davidson, both in the UC College of Medicine, have found a way to produce Apolipoprotein A5 (APOA 5) protein in the laboratory. It plays an important role in metabolising and clearing excess levels of triglycerides from the bloodstream. Their findings, ‘Functional recombinant apolipoprotein A5 that is stable at high concentrations at physiological pH’, were published in the Journal of Lipid Research.

COVID-19: Analysis on numbers in intensive care from Italy

A new report on COVID-19 data to March 18 from Italy, prepared by an Italian expert for the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), states that the rate of increase in the number of patients in intensive care units (ICU) with COVID-19 in Italy may have peaked in Lombardy, and may still be peaking in Italy as a whole. The report is by Davide Manca, Professor of Process Systems Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.

Covid-19: A message from BOMSS President, David Kerrigan

Dear Colleagues,

Elective bariatric surgery in both the NHS and private sectors will effectively cease for the next 3- 6 months to help the NHS cope with the extraordinary pressures that the coronavirus outbreak has brought.

In the midst of this organised chaos and uncertainty it’s important that we support each other, our colleagues and our patients.