Weight shaming still commonplace in US and UK

Americans are less likely to blame people with obesity for their condition and are more likely to believe that obesity has a medical explanation now than three years ago, according to the results of two online surveys involving more than 6,000 UK and US adults. The outcomes were presented at the European and International Congress on Obesity (ECOICO 2020).

Clear association between COVID-19 disease severity and obesity

There is a clear relationship between obesity and the severity of COVID-19 disease, according to research presented by François Pattou, Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lille, and head of the Department of General and Endocrine Surgery at Lille University Hospital, France, at this year's European and International Congress on Obesity.

HUMBLE brown-fat-like cells hold promise for obesity and diabetes

Scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center have delivered a proof of concept for a novel cell-based therapy for obesity that would by transplanting human brown-like (HUMBLE) fat cells, human white fat cells that have been genetically modified to become similar to heat-generating brown fat cells. The finding were reported in the paper, ‘CRISPR-engineered human brown-like adipocytes prevent diet-induced obesity and ameliorate metabolic syndrome in mice’, published in Science Translational Medicine.