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Bariatric Solutions is dedicated to fighting the battle against obesity and has continuously made its efforts to make bariatric surgery safer and more effective. The company is renowned in the field of bariatric surgery for more than a decade now and has developed a portfolio of alternative, innovative products and will continue to do so – focusing all its efforts on helping patients by providing surgeons new surgical options and improved materials to make their work safer, faster and better.

MiniMizer Gastric Ring

The MiniMizer Gastric Ring has been specially designed to prevent dilatation of the gastric pouch/ sleeve during RYGB, LSG and MGB-OAGB and is very easy to place and close, aided by a blunt, silicone covered introduction needle that simplifies retrogastric placement. The MiniMizer Ring can: n Be tailored to suit several closing positions from the largest to the smallest ring size: 8, 7.5, 7 and 6.5 cm in circumference makes it fit for both primary as revisional surgery n Be reopened if the ring is either too tight or too loose, enabling the surgeon to focus on the patients’ individual requirements. In addition, the blue colour of the Ring allows it to be easily found if revision surgery is required and it does not flare. The ring is visible on X-ray due to the bariumsulphate with which the medical grade silicone is mixed.


The TUBE is a Gastric Calibration Tube that is made of medical grade silicone, so that it does not become weak and floppy making it difficult to guide into a certain direction, like regular PVC tubes. Features of the TUBE include: n Six small holes for suction and aspiration avoiding kinking of the tube. The small size of the holes prevents stomach tissue being sucked into the TUBE during aspiration, leading to internal bleedings of the stomach. n An innovative clip at the end of the tube which allows the anaesthetist to close the tube with the same hand with which he/she holds the end of the tube after he/she has injected the first syringe of methylene blue. n A soft tip, mixed with barium sulphate makes it visible on X-ray. A hole in the tip avoids the formation of a vacuum during aspiration n cm markings on the TUBE allows the surgeon to instruct the anaesthetist precisely as to how much to advance or pull back the tube. n The special connector allows for easy placement of any kind of syringe or direct suction lines. Available in 32, 34, 36, 38, 40Fr, and colour coded.

P. Galore Band Introducer

When surgeons are used to working with the classical Goldfinger™, this is the reusable instrument they have been looking for. Crafted in the instrument factories of Tuttlingen, Bariatric Solutions bring surgeons a reusable Goldfinger™. With one additional curving section, this makes the bending tip 5 mm longer. The tip can be bent in an angle of 100º by twisting the knob at the handpiece. In this way it can also be used as a unilateral dissector. The P. Galore Band Introducer is available on stock for direct delivery to anywhere all over the world. 18 BARIATRICNEWS PRODUCT AND INDUSTRY GUIDE 2019

Pinky Trigger

The purpose of the Pinky Trigger is similar to that of the Goldfinger, which is to introduce a gastric band behind the stomach. Benefits of the PinkyTrigger include: n Back and forth movement of the tip by pulling the lower handle at the hand piece, allows for dissection in both the distal as the lateral plane of the instrument n As a direct extension of the surgeon’s finger the single-hand device offers a gentle, yet firm blunt dissector. n Fixation can be performed at any level of the 130° curvature and due to its direct drive technology, it gives immediate tactile feedback regarding the level of resistance the tissue gives to the Pinky, avoiding inadvertent dissection. n Validated disinfection and sterilisation according to various international standards.

Cobra Liver Retractor

There are many laparoscopic liver retractors available on the market, but the  Cobra Liver Retractor is one of the few which is both atraumatic, yet firm, comes as a 5 mm instrument and creates a surface of retraction of 8 cm wide. It has proven its value in various kinds of minimal invasive procedures through the last 20 years and will continue to do so for another 20 years. The Cobra Liver Retractor is available on stock for direct delivery to almost anywhere all over the world.

Minimizer Extra Gastric Band

The Minimizer Extra Adjustable Gastric Band with its two-sizes in-one concept offers the possibility to choose the correct size during the procedure by closing the band in either position 1 (diameter 31 mm) or position 2 (diameter 26 mm). Being able to choose the correct size from the beginning one avoids early refilling of the band or avoid refilling at all. Features of the Minimizer Extra Adjustable Gastric Band include: n Retaining loops allow for direct fixation to the stomach, securing the gastric band against slipping. n A filling compartment of the MiniMizer Extra that is embedded in the rugged outer silicone ring, preventing the compartment from being pushed outward by the stomach (seen with traditional bands) n The smallest port on the market (diameter 13 mm) for subcutaneous placement or replacement of larger ports after extensive weight loss. n MiniMizer Titanium Port: The top model, with its slim shaped body and metal cover as protection against inadvertent puncturing of the catheter. 

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