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Sleeve gastrectomy: A simple operation that is not that simple

Vertical resection of the stomach to reduce the gastric reservoir in the biliopancreatic diversion operation (BPD) was introduced by Hess in order to decrease the incidence of marginal ulcers in that operation and by maintaining the pylorus to also enhance the restrictive effects of the operation and also decrease the incidence of dumping. The volume of the gastric pouch created by Hess was 250-400cc akin to the size of the transverse fundal pouch in the Scopinaro procedure.

Should a bariatric surgeon perform the procedure requested by the patient?

Should a bariatric surgeon perform the procedure requested by the patient?

I am often asked this question.

I have always taken this to be a push back by surgeons who claim they did an operation because that is what the patient wanted. This is usually in response to the question “Why did you choose that particular operation for the patient?”

Bandboozled: UK’s first slimming club for people with a gastric band

Launched in partnership with The Hospital Group, Bandboozled offers invaluable support and education which are key to getting the full benefit of the weight loss surgery success and achieving weight loss goals. Although a gastric band is a fantastic tool to aid weight loss, it won’t do the work for you; healthy eating and exercise alongside the band are vital to see the best results.

Probiotics: contribution to the overall health of our intestine

Bacteria have been known to cause several infections. For that reason, we take antibiotics to get rid of these bacteria. Our aim is to stop the bacteria from spreading and causing unwarranted infections. The bacterial infections only come when the bacteria is at the wrong place.

Prevention and Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery

It is a great honour for me to be requested to write an independent review for this book Prevention and Management of Complications in Bariatric Surgery published by Oxford University Press this year (2018).

I would like to congratulate all the Editors, Dr Rogula, Dr Schauer and Dr Fouse for their fantastic effort in bringing together this book on prevention and management of complications when the number of bariatric operations being performed has increased exponentially in recent years and continues to increase year on year worldwide.

Essential comprehensive textbook on MGB and OAGB

The Minigastric Bypass and its Spanish variant – the One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass, have been increasing rapidly with experience in Europe and Latin America.  Indeed, the MGB is now the most common bypass in India and in a number of Middle Eastern countries. Early postulated complications and their avoidance or treatment are discussed thoroughly. Reflux and cancer are actually very rare or non-existent. 

ABOM diplomates climbs above 2,650

The American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) has announced that more than 580 physicians passed its board certification test administered in February and March 2018, the number of physicians board certified in obesity medicine now exceeds 2,650 in the US and Canada. A record 583 examinees passed the ABOM exam, establishing obesity medicine as one of the fastest growing fields in medicine. This represents a 28 percent increase in the total number of ABOM diplomates compared to the previous year.

BARIAlink: Linking International Experts on Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a relatively new surgical sub discipline and is (still) increasing rapidly worldwide, both in total numbers of performed surgical procedures as in scientific interest; the latter demonstrated by the changing terminology into bariatric and metabolic surgery, and even into diabetic surgery.

European Obesity Day to be held on 19 May 2018

European Obesity Day, held each year to draw attention to Europe’s growing obesity epidemic and the need for better prevention and treatment, is to be held this year on Saturday 19 May. Individuals, healthcare providers and organisations throughout Europe are expected to take part. The organisers, the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), has launched an award scheme to recognise the best initiatives.

Penn Medicine launches bariatric surgery Penn Life Gained app

Penn Medicine has launched the first-of-its-kind app for bariatric surgery on the journey before and after bariatric surgery to track healthy behaviours and communicate with care team. The ‘Penn Life Gained’ app can record track steps and exercise, record caloric and water intake, monitor sleep time, alter diet, as well as assist with daily lifestyle management with clinic appointments and evaluations. Penn Life Gained is built using Apple CareKit, a software framework designed to help people actively manage their own medical conditions.

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