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sexual function

Bariatric surgery improves sexual life experience after five years

Approximately half of women and men who reported pre-surgical dissatisfaction with sexual life experienced post-surgical improvements in satisfaction five years after bariatric surgery, according to researchers in the school of pharmacy at North Dakota State University, Fargo. In addition, a large percentage of patients experienced improvements in the frequency of sexual desire and activity and in physical limitations to sexual activity. Nevertheless, the percentage of participants with improvements in the frequency of sexual desire and activity decreased between one and five years.

Bariatric surgery and sexual function in women

Bariatric surgery alleviates anxiety and depression symptoms and improves body image and sexual function in female obese patients, according to a study ‘Changes in Sexual Functions of Female Patients After Bariatric Surgery: Relationship with Body Image, Depression, and Anxiety’, that assessed the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in women before and six months after bariatric surgery, published in Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care.

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