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chronic disease

Obesity Society updates position on obesity as a chronic disease

The Obesity Society (TOS) has updated its 2008 position statement on obesity and has classified obesity as a worldwide, non-communicable chronic disease.

World Obesity Federation states obesity is a chronic disease

The World Obesity Federation has issued a Position Statement in which the authors state that obesity is a chronic relapsing disease process and fits the epidemiological model of a disease process, except that the toxic or pathological agent is food rather than a microbe. The Position Statement, ‘Obesity: a chronic relapsing progressive disease process.

USA survey: Obesity is due to lack of willpower

Most people in the United States believe obesity the result of a poor self-control, according to a survey by the National Opinions Research Center: three-quarters of the people surveyed attributed obesity to a lack of willpower.  In the same survey, more than 80 percent of Americans believed obesity is the most serious health problem facing the nation. That response tied obesity with cancer and ranked it an even more a serious health problem than diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, and HIV/AIDS.

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