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Covidien’s Tri-Staple sales pass US$1 billion

The technology is used in a wider variety of laparoscopic procedures and sold in more than 45 countries

Covidien’s Tri-Staple technology platform has achieved more than US$1 billion in product sales since its introduction in 2010. Designed for endoscopic stapling, the technology enables surgeons to use staplers in a wider variety of laparoscopic procedures including bariatric, thoracic, colorectal, general, hepatobiliary and gynaecological surgery.

“Our Tri-Staple technology has enabled Covidien to deliver to surgeons a clinically relevant and truly innovative surgical stapling platform,” said Bryan Hanson, Group President, Surgical Solutions, Covidien. “We are extremely pleased with the positive feedback from surgeons regarding their stapling experience and the performance of the Tri-Staple technology.”

The Tri-Staple technology platform consists of Endo GIA Ultra Universal Staplers (manual handles) and a comprehensive set of endostapling reloads. In addition, Tri-Staple reloads are compatible with Covidien’s latest powered stapling platform – the iDrive Ultra system – which the company claims makes stapling  more precise and controlled.

“Reaching this milestone in less than three years from launch is a significant accomplishment,” Hanson added. “We intend to continue investing in and expanding the Tri-Staple technology portfolio. With the recent launch of the iDrive Ultra, we believe the Tri-Staple platform will continue to experience good growth.”

Endo GIA Reloads with Tri-Staple technology are sold in more than 45 countries.

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