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Product launch

ReShape Medical launches dual intragastric balloon

Californian company launches device designed for patients who have failed to lose weight dieting but do not want surgery
Device has been refined in Italy after receiving CE mark in 2007
Dual-balloon system occupies 60% more space than single-balloon designs

Southern California-based medical device manufacturer, ReShape Medical, recently launched its new ReShape Duo intragastric dual-balloon at the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society’s (BOMSS), 3rd Annual Scientific Conference 2012 held recently (19th and 20th January 2012) at the Bristol Marriott Hotel Royal, UK.

The ReShape Duo is designed for those patients who have exhausted their efforts with diets alone and wish to avoid, or do not qualify for bariatric surgery. According to the company, the device comfortably occupies existing space in the stomach for six months, serving as built-in portion control, so patients feel full and satisfied with less food. The Duo can be placed in the stomach during a simple, fifteen minute out-patient procedure.

ReShape Duo received the CE Mark in 2007 and the medical device and its associated procedure has been refined in association with Professor Franco Favretti and his team in Vicenza, Italy. The company has just launched the product in the UK through Healthier Weight Centres under the care of Medical Director, David Ashton.

As part of the conference, ReShape Medical hosted a Breakfast Symposium at which, Dr David Ashton, Medical Director of Healthier Weight gave a presentation introducing the ReShape Duo. He provided an overview of its features and benefits and discussed recent medical experience with the device in Italy and the US, referring to supporting data. He also spoke about the ease of the procedures for placing and removing the ReShape Duo, details of its effectiveness, how well it is tolerated by patients and its excellent safety profile.

“ReShape Duo represents a real step forward, combining dual balloons with higher fill volumes for the potential of better weight loss. The ReShape Duo offers greater comfort and there’s a lower risk of early removal," said Ashton.

Dual-Balloon benefits

Filled with evenly distributed 900cc of saline, the ReShape Duo occupies 60% more space than a single balloon without over-distending the stomach, and is designed to conform better to its natural curvature to improve patient comfort during weight loss programmes, and thereby limit early removals. The dual-balloon design also helps mitigate risk of migration and/or obstruction. The ReShape Duo has been used successfully in Europe since 2007 with patients comfortably losing, on average, one-third of their excess weight in six months.

ReShape Duo procedures

The ReShape Duo can be placed and removed in fifteen minute outpatient procedures under conscious sedation. The procedures are completely nonsurgical – no incisions, sutures or scars.

Placement: the un-inflated balloons are advanced over a guide wire and precisely placed in the stomach. Each balloon is inflated with saline and independently sealed. The device is released and remains in the stomach for six months, serving as built-in portion control.


Following ReShape Duo’s launch, Healthier Weight has confirmed that the Reshape Duo will be available through its network of weight loss centres throughout the UK and beyond in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton and Cardiff.

“We were gratified by the genuine interest shown in the ReShape Duo,” said ReShape Medical President and CEO, Richard Thompson. “The meeting confirmed that many UK doctors are seeking nonsurgical alternatives to offer their patients who do not want or do not qualify for bariatric surgery.”

ReShape Duo is not yet approved for use in the US.

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