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Genetics agreement

Pathway Genomics signs agreement with DASA

Pathway's systems can detect medical issues within a patient's genome. Photo: flickr/jurvetson.
Pathway’s gentic reporting system to be used by physicians in Brazil

Pathway Genomics, a San Diego-based genetic testing laboratory, has signed an agreement with Brazilian company Diagnósticos da América (DASA), the largest private medical diagnostics company in Latin America. The agreement will bring Pathway’s reporting system to physicians in Brazil.

The Pathway system generates genetic reports from saliva samples, addressing a variety of medical issues including an individual’s carrier status for recessive genetic conditions, food metabolism and exercise response, prescription drug response, and propensity to develop certain diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

“Pathway’s vision is to responsibly reveal personalised and actionable genetic information in order to globally educate, inform and improve health and well-being,” said Dr Michael Nova, Pathway’s chief medical officer. “Our alignment with DASA is a major part of this vision, and we are excited to help bring this scientifically-advanced technology to the people of Brazil.”

Pathway’s multiple genetic tests, includes:

  • Pathway Fit, which addresses a patient’s food metabolism and exercise response. The test has recently shown positive results with a clinical trial by California Schools VEBA, in which, 179 employees showed significant weight loss success compared to controls.
  • Cardiac Health Insight, Pathway’s new cardiac panel was developed with input from cardiology centers. The genetic test claims to offer physicians insight into how a patient’s genes may affect heart-related conditions, including various drug responses and genetic risk for developing certain cardiovascular diseases.

“The partnership between DASA and Pathway represents a milestone in Brazilian medicine, ensuring access to predictive genetic tests through an advanced and innovative technology,” said Dr Octávio Fernandes, DASA’s chief operating officer. “With 50 years of expertise, the company has one of the largest medical teams in Latin America, composed of nearly 2,000 world-renowned doctors, and offering more than 3,000 types of laboratory tests and imaging diagnostics provided by more than 18,000 professionals.”

Pathway’s laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and accredited in accordance with the US Health and Human Services’ Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) of 1988. Pathway is also a member of the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA).

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