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Product launch

Covidien launches world’s first knotless suture reload device

Knotless suture reload for laparoscopic and single-incision procedures
Suturing "with greater ease and efficiency"
Company announces edcational initiative
Endo stitch barb and loop

Covidien has released the V-Loc knotless suturing device, the world’s first knotless suture reload for laparoscopic and single-incision procedures. The V-Loc is a reload that works with the company’s proprietary Endo Stitch and SILS Stitch suturing devices for multi-port and single-port laparoscopic surgery. The new device can increase operating room efficiency during bariatric surgery and other procedures, the company claims.

“The ability to suture internal tissue laparoscopically without the need to tie knots can help surgeons shorten one of the most labour-intensive tasks performed during bariatric surgery,” Dr Dana D Portenier, assistant professor of surgery, Duke University Medical Center. “As an early user of the Endo Stitch device with the V-Loc reload, I’ve been able to perform laparoscopic suturing with greater ease and efficiency than I previously could have using traditional devices that require knots.”

V-Loc device

According to the company, combining proprietary automated needle-passing technology with a knotless suturing device, the V-Loc device for Endo Stitch and SILS Stitch devices offers distinctive benefits over hand suturing and conventional automated suturing options.

The V-Loc device for use with Endo Stitch has a unique barb and loop design, enabling faster suturing by eliminating the need to tie any knots and saving surgeons 35-42% of the time required to suture inside the body, according to a recent pre-clinical study.

Compared with conventional suturing, the proprietary Endo Stitch suturing device can save 45-70% of laparoscopic suturing time clinical studies show.

“Covidien works closely with surgeons to develop devices that not only improve patient outcomes, but also make surgery easier, safer and more efficient. We believe that our new V-Loc knotless suturing reloads for minimally invasive surgery will help surgeons perform aspects of their procedures with greater efficiency,” said Paul Hermes, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Covidien Surgical Solutions. “Covidien is committed to the advancement of bariatric surgery technology and offers a full portfolio of products and services to support bariatric surgeons, their practices and patients.”

Endo GIA Black reload

Separately at the meeting, an investigational team led by Dwight Bronson, Manager, Research and Development, Covidien, presented a poster titled, “Comparison of EndoStapler Performance in Challenging Tissue Applications,” (ASMBS Abstract No. P-178) co-authored by Covidien researchers Elizabeth Contini and Jennifer Whiffen.

Their work demonstrated that the Covidien Endo GIA Black reload with Tri-Staple technology, which deploys three rows of graduated height staples on either side of a transection, exhibited significantly better “B”-shaped staple formation (p<0.001) for all regions of the stomach and reduced the occurrence of malformed staples in five of the seven regions, compared with a competitive thick tissue reload which deploys three rows of single height staples (Staple formation comparison between Covidien's EGIA60AXT and Ethicon's ECR60G in an ex-vivo tissue model, Covidien Engineering Report No. PCG-006_rev1, January 24, 2012 (data on file)).  The “B”-shaped staple, widely considered the gold standard for staple formation, ensures staple line security and allows blood flow through the tissue, both of which are important factors in promoting post-surgical healing.

Educational initiative

In addition, the company a new bariatric patient education and practice management initiative, ‘Shaping a Better Future in Bariatric Surgery program’. A key objective of this initiative is to seamlessly support bariatric practices in their efforts to build clinically effective relationships with their patients, such as arming prospective patients with useful information to guide treatment decisions when exploring bariatric surgery as an option for weight loss.

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