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Product launch

Slater launches Ensizor Scissors for the bariatric market

The company claims the device is the only commercially available single patient use scissors on the market

Slater Endoscopy has launched its Ensizor Endoscopic Scissors with Patented Edge Flex Technology to meet the needs of the growing endoscopic surgery market.  The company claims the device is the only commercially available single patient use scissors on the market, providing surgeons with a one of a kind surgical scissors that finally affords the precise cutting that they expect for a wide array of endoscopic GI procedures, especially bariatric surgeries intended to treat obesity.  

The Ensizor scissors is the first of a totally new type of scissors: each of the two blades are comprised of two components assembled together to make a single blade assembly.  Firstly, there is a thicker stiffer piece, the blade armature that is part of the devices' mechanism chain also serving as a support/mounting place for a much thinner and highly flexible piece that does the cutting, the cutting blade. 

"With its blunt tipped blades and controlled rotation, the Ensizor scissors gives endoscopic surgeons an important new tool that can ultimately provide the patient with less pain and swifter recovery," said Dr Sergey Kantsevoy, Director Therapeutic Endoscopy, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, MD. "It’s extraordinary cutting of sutures and tissues along with the ability to continuously rotate helps us to do resections of mucosal and other types of tissues that would not have been possible with other surgical scissors."

Slater Endoscopy claims it was the first company to develop a truly innovative surgical scissors that substantially changes the basic way common scissors work, and is proud to once again be leading the growth of minimally invasive surgery as Slater's former company Symbiosis did in the 1990's. 

"With advances in endoscopic procedures emerging as a leading option to treat obesity and multiple other conditions, we consider the launch of the Ensizor scissors to come at a particularly critical time," said Charles Slater, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Slater Endoscopy.  "The Ensizor scissors can be used in a significant number of existing procedures from the management of obtrusive ulcer generating non-absorbable suture tails and free loops, to cutting gastrointestinal tissues as part of the surgical procedure itself.  Additionally, reliable scissors are a cornerstone technology in the development of new endoscopic procedures." 

The Ensizoris FDA cleared and CE Marked.

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