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Product approval

Harmonic Focus+ Long Shears gains FDA approval

Ethicon claims the Harmonic Focus+ Long Shears bring a new level of efficiency to open procedures

Ethicon has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Harmonic Focus+ Long Shears, the latest Harmonic device to incorporate Adaptive Tissue Technology, which according to the company enables greater surgical precision and performance by dynamically optimising energy delivery in response to changing tissue conditions, improving thermal management.

Ethicon claims the Harmonic Focus+ Long Shears bring a new level of efficiency to open procedures compared to traditional open surgical techniques due to its multi-functional capabilities to coagulate, cut and seal all in one device. The company also said that surgeons appreciate the device’s scissor-like design that mimics traditional instruments used in open surgery, and the access they can achieve in deep spaces due to its long shaft, and narrow, curved jaw profile.

“Ethicon is setting new standards in accessibility, sealing and dissection capabilities with this innovative new design for Harmonic Focus+ Long Shears,” said Grace Chung, Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing, Ethicon. “We’ve improved an already impressive medical device to deliver optimal performance, even in the most challenging cases, while enhancing Ethicon’s portfolio of open surgery products and providing access to the benefits of Adaptive Tissue Technology for surgeons wanting increased choice and the flexibility to meet a diverse set of clinical needs for their patients and procedures.”

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