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Global IFSO Registry

IFSO to establish Global IFSO Registry

The aim is to collect, merge and analyse data from national bariatric surgery registries from all IFSO member countries

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) has announced that it will establish a Global IFSO Registry. “I am very pleased to announce that IFSO is ready to finalize the project of launching a Global IFSO Registry, following a successful pilot project,” said IFSO president, Professor Rudolph Weiner. “Our aim is to collect, merge and analyse data from national bariatric surgery registries from all IFSO member countries.  This will increase knowledge about the status of bariatric surgery and will help us understand the nature, variations and inequalities of bariatric surgery care to help surgeons negotiate with healthcare providers, acquire appropriate resources and develop their practice.”

Rudolph Weiner

“The IFSO Executive Board have taken the view that there is strength in a pan-global approach where responsibility is co-ordinated by the surgical community through IFSO and the national societies,” he added. “We have carefully selected Dendrite Clinical Systems as our data management partner to build the central registry and provide the data  merging, the data analysis tools and reporting systems as they have extensive experience in establishing this process for national and international registries in many other specialities.  Dendrite has already helped the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society to set up a very successful bariatric surgery registry in the UK. I would like to encourage individual surgeons and all national societies to really embrace this project.”

“We are delighted that IFSO has chosen to work with Dendrite on this very exciting project,” said Dr Peter Walton, Managing Director of Dendrite Clinical Systems. “Following on from the success of IFSO Registry Pilot Project in 2014, we look forward to working with IFSO and member countries to create a unique global bariatric and metabolic surgical registry.”

More information on how to participate in this important venture will be provided at the IFSO meeting in Vienna, at Regional meetings and via regular communications. Please look out for future announcements.

To read the IFSO press release, please click here

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