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Apollo announces financing package to increase access

American Healthcare Lending is now offering patients low monthly payment plans to cover the cost of Lap-Band system procedures

Apollo Endosurgery has partnered with American Healthcare Lending to offer affordable financing for the Lap-Band system to increase patient access to the weight loss procedure. The patient financing service is part of Apollo Endosurgery’s ongoing efforts to provide physicians and patients with high quality services and support beyond the Lap-Band procedure.

“There are millions of people struggling to lose 30 or more pounds on their own who are eligible for the Lap-Band system but do not qualify for healthcare insurance coverage for weight loss treatments due to their BMI,” said Dennis McWilliams, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Apollo Endosurgery. “Weight loss with the Lap-Band system is about more than just a procedure. This is why we are working with innovative companies, like American Healthcare Lending, to provide the best services and support to our physicians and patients throughout the weight loss journey.”

The Apollo Endosurgery and American Healthcare Lending partnership was designed to offer a financing service that is beneficial to both physicians and patients. American Healthcare Lending has assisted over 300,000 individuals in obtaining over US$5 billion in loans. In partnership with Apollo Endosurgery, American Healthcare Lending is now offering patients low monthly payment plans to cover the cost of Lap-Band system procedures and aftercare, including deductibles, self-pays, and co-pays.

Once a patient is pre-qualified for a loan through American Healthcare Lending, the programme also provides assistance in finding a physician offering the procedure that is engaged with the financing service. According to Apollo, physicians who are enrolled in the Lap-Band financing programme benefit by having only one low annual fee of US$2,990, regardless of how many of their patients utilise the financing service, rather than paying a merchant fee of up to 8% per loan, which is standard with other financing programmes, they claim.

“Studies show that obese patients spend significantly more money on healthcare costs each year than non-obese patients as well as have an increased chance of developing other conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, that can impact their quality of life,” said Dr Vafa Shayani, Chairman of Surgery, Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital and Vice President of the Illinois Association of Bariatric Surgeons. “Patients with a lower BMI are often not covered for any weight loss treatment options, despite the health and economic benefits. By investing in their health with the Lap-Band system, patients have the opportunity to finally achieve their weight loss goals, allowing them to live a healthier life by avoiding potential health concerns as well as reduce their healthcare costs associated with obesity.”

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