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Bariatric malpractice protection for surgeons

Surgi-Protect includes an advanced and highly specialized safety and risk management programme

MGIS Companies and Stevens & Lee have launched Surgi-Protect, a malpractice insurance programme designed specifically for bariatric surgeons and their unique practices. With more than 35 percent of Americans suffering from obesity, bariatric surgery will continue to mature and evolve to meet the need for treatment and intervention. This predicted growth in bariatric surgeries will necessitate a continued emphasis on safety and liability risk mitigation by bariatric surgeons.

“Bariatric surgeons don’t need a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance,” said Jeff Brunken, President of MGIS. “They need an insurance programme built by physicians and industry experts who understand their needs, risks and the realities of today’s marketplace. Surgi-Protect rewards top performing surgeons with the best specialised coverage at the best price, helps them better manage their liability, and provides new strategies and programs to reduce risk and further improve patient outcomes.”

As a key component of the insurance program, Surgi-Protect includes an advanced and highly specialized safety and risk management programme which focuses on the patient experience, patient engagement principles, quality improvement protocols, and clinical best practices.

“Data clearly shows that patient satisfaction and clinical best practices effectively enhance surgical outcomes and reduce medical malpractice claims,” said Jim Saxton, Chair of Stevens & Lee’s Healthcare Litigation and Risk Management Group. “Surgi-Protect provides a unique opportunity for bariatric and general surgeons to receive the risk and safety support they need to prevent lawsuits, all while receiving very stable insurance from one of the country’s largest insurers.”

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