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Obalon to revolutionise obesity treatment in the Gulf

Since March 2014, Obalon has been successfully used on more than 250 patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Obalon balloon weight-loss technology launched in March 2014 in Saudi Arabia by Alsultan Saudi Medical Company, is fast replacing conventional treatment methods and winning the support of patients and medical experts alike. The technology, billed the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, holds out much promise to countless overweight adults helping in weight loss without invasive medical procedures.

Obalon works on the basis of a capsule containing a balloon that is orally ingested and subsequently inflated to occupy the upper space in the stomach so as to create a feeling of fullness that helps people eat less. Additional balloons can be swallowed and inflated during the treatment period depending on the response and the needs of the patient. At the end of the three month treatment period, the balloons are removed through a short endoscopic procedure. The entire removal procedure takes only 15 minutes and requires no sedation.

Alfredo Genco, Professor at the Umberto Hospital, Sapienza University, Italy, who specialises in the treatment of morbid obesity, highlighted how this novel non-surgical, easily removable safe device for weight loss will offer a new and different approach for people who have struggled with dieting in the past but haven’t succeeded in losing weight.

Further to his fruitful efforts in the development of this amazing innovation reaching the stage of application, Professor Genco has succeeded in conducting more than 1,500 Obalon treatments and training many doctors in European Union countries and Middle East region.

Studies have shown that patients who use Obalon technology lose an average of 7.4% of their total body weight and 41% of excess body weight within 12 weeks of the balloon application, which is approximately 8 to 12 kilos on average within three months.

Following its launch, Obalon has been successfully used on more than 250 patients in the Kingdom. The overwhelming response from medical experts and patients has set the stage for the technology’s launch across the Gulf states before the end of 2014. 

Explaining why the patients in the kingdom have responded enthusiastically to the technology, Mr Emad Alzaben, Group General Manager of Al Sultan Saudi Medical Company, says Obalon offers a quick, discreet, non-surgical and safe weight loss solution.

Hospitals across the kingdom are adopting this innovative technology, which is set to become the most popular and preferred method in the treatment of obesity. Experts in the field have given their approval for its use after closely studying patients who underwent the procedure.

With obesity being a crucial factor in the onset of diseases such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, and cholesterol, the Obalon technology is expected to play an important role in the nation’s health that is hit hard by such lifestyle diseases. Easy procedure, effective results and accessibility for all, make the technology a surefire tool in the nation’s struggle for an improved health profile.

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