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MARS findings

Ethicon to launch online course highlighting MARS findings

Conducting the course on the Open edX platform will make Ethicon the first in the healthcare industry to offer a MOOC specifically for a surgical audience

Ethicon is to launch a six-week massive open online course (MOOC) highlighting the critical findings of the Metabolic Applied Research Strategy (MARS) initiative. MARS is a collaborative research programme between major research institutions and the company to understand the physiologic and metabolic changes that occur after bariatric and metabolic surgery. The approach is to deconstruct the procedures, understand their mechanism of action, and then leverage the findings to better predict outcomes, improve existing therapies, and potentially reinvent new, less invasive weight- loss solutions.

Randy Seeley

“It’s important for surgeons to understand some of the information that comes from MARS because it helps you talk to patients – and to referring physicians – about why surgery works, and why it’s a useful tool for a lot of patients in terms of trying to fight obesity and diabetes,” said MARS Principle Investigator Dr Randy Seeley, Chair, Donald C Harrison Endowment and Professor of Medicine at University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Director of the Cincinnati Diabetes and Obesity Center.  

Getting to the core of the science behind obesity and the metabolic mechanics is something Ethicon has committed to over the last decade, in both basic scientific research through the MARS initiative and clinical evidence around the most effective treatments for obesity and obesity-related conditions.

The company is partnering with edX, the non-profit online learning initiative co-founded by Harvard and MIT. Conducting the course on the Open edX platform will make Ethicon the first in the healthcare industry to offer a MOOC specifically for a surgical audience.

To register, please click the image above

Through the opportunities to discuss, debate, and ultimately, to learn from other colleagues, provided by the edX platform, and by providing education with top surgeon faculty and researchers, Ethicon aims to build a digital community of learners engaged with the latest research in obesity and the metabolic mechanics behind bariatric surgery.

In addition to a surgical audience, the course is open to anyone with interest in learning more about the physiology of obesity, including endocrinologists, primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The online course begins in June 2014, to register please click here or click the website image above.

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