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Metagenotyping company raises €10 million in funding

The funds will be used to undertake the research and development on its Metagenotyping process

Enterome Bioscience, a pioneer in the development of innovative disease management solutions based on a deep understanding of the gut microbiome, has raised €10 million in the first round of a Series B fund raising. The funding has been led by the Company's existing investors, Seventure (including from its new Health for Life Capital fund) and Lundbeckfond Ventures, and is supported by Omnes Capital.

"We are pleased that our existing investors have taken the decision to make a further financial commitment to Enterome,” said Pierre Belichard, CEO. “With these new funds we will be able make further significant progress towards our goal of developing new disease management solutions that will provide important benefits to patients suffering from conditions where the gut microbiome plays a key role."

The funds raised will be used by Enterome to undertake the research and development, and business development activities needed to capitalise on its Metagenotyping process, which is creating new industry standards in the quantitative and functional analysis of the gut microbiome in relation to health and disease.

"Enterome is a true pioneer in understanding the linkage between changes in the gut microbiome and disease,” added Isabelle de Cremoux, CEO of Seventure. “This leadership has put it at the forefront of developing the new biomarkers and diagnostics needed to improve the management of inflammatory bowel and metabolic diseases; two conditions that have been clearly shown to be the result of significant changes to the patients' gut microbiome."

According to Enterome, this cutting-edge technology platform will allow the company to develop new disease management solutions including biomarkers, companion diagnostics and, in time, therapeutics, for inflammatory bowel and metabolic disorders, two important disease areas where the gut microbiome plays a key role.

"We have been very impressed by the progress that Enterome has made over the last 18 months,” said Johan Kordel, Senior Partner at Lundbeckfond Ventures. “We remain very confident that Pierre and his first-class team will be able to leverage both their discovery and clinical expertise in relation to the gut microbiome to generate valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tools that it aims to commercialise in conjunction with leading pharma and diagnostic companies."

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