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Cousin Biotech launches BIORING iPhone App

App is now available for FREE on the App Store

Cousin Biotech has launched its new BIORING iPhone App for patients with a BIORING gastric band. The company believes that the patient is the key to the success of a bariatric procedure, therefore it is fundamental to ensure a good follow up of the patient and assist them in their day-today lives.

As a result, Cousin Biotech decided to closely work with Ms Sally Norton, consultant bariatric surgeon and British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS) council member, to develop an App dedicated to patient, addressing this problem and improving patient safety.

“After 13 years treating and supporting gastric band patients it is clear to us that good preparation, understanding and follow-up are really important for long-term success,” said Ms Norton. “In addition, making changes to the mind-set around eating behaviour and activity are vital. Mobile phone apps are an increasingly popular way of providing information at your fingertips. We have therefore developed a mobile phone app to help support patients before and after gastric banding.”

The app enables patients to record all of the details of their surgery and band fills, to chart their progress and to advise them in case of any problems with their band. In addition, it provides advice on how to change behaviour to get the best from their gastric band.

“Equally valuable, and based on our extensive experience, is a check list to help patients decide if a fill is really required, and innovative meal and eating timers to help patients eat slowly to reduce potential problems in the future,” she added. “This app was designed to help ensure a safe and successful outcome after gastric band surgery by supporting patients in their weight loss journey.”

The app is iPhone and iPad compatible with a IOS 7 version minimum, and is now available for FREE on the App Store.

To download the app, please click here

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