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EndoBarrier gains preliminary reimbursement in the Netherlands

Data to be evaluated in order to determine if EndoBarrier is eligible to receive permanent reimbursement codes

GI Dynamics has announced that the Dutch Health Care Authority (NZa) has designated a preliminary reimbursement code for EndoBarrier Therapy as part of a policy rule for new and innovative health care treatments.

Under this ruling, a defined number of EndoBarrier procedures performed between July 2013 – July 2016 at Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem will be covered by a major regional health insurance fund in the Arnhem area. The designation of this code allows government authorities in the Netherlands to capture sufficient clinical and economic data for EndoBarrier Therapy over a three-year period.

These data will then be evaluated in order to determine if EndoBarrier is eligible to receive permanent reimbursement codes with funding commiserate to the cost of the Therapy.

“Following the recent reimbursement milestones in Germany and Switzerland, this formal announcement from the NZa marks another achievement in our efforts to secure national reimbursement for EndoBarrier Therapy in key markets,” stated Stuart A Randle, president and CEO, GI Dynamics. “Based on this policy, we believe there is an opportunity for other hospitals in the Netherlands to secure similar coverage with their regional health insurance funds. We will continue to work collaboratively with these physicians, payers and other constituents to make EndoBarrier Therapy a more accessible treatment option for people in the Netherlands who are battling type 2 diabetes and obesity.”

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