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Sponsored article: BIORING Q&A

Bariatric News talks to Dr Patrick Grumillier, a bariatric surgeon from Clinique Louis Pasteur, Essey-lès-Nancy, France, about his experience using the BIORING…

How many procedures have you performed using BIORING?

More than 1,000 procedures, I have been using BIORING since its launch.

According to your experience, what do you think about the BIORING safety and efficacy results?

I am convinced about the efficacy of this gastric band. For me it is the most efficient. About safety, I have no problem so far.

In your opinion what are the design advantages of the BIORING compared to other devices on the market?

The BIORING device has a major advantage thanks to its self-adhesive port called “Adhesix”. It is time saving for the port implementation with no fixation. According to my experience I have no problems with port flipping. Also, the bellow system brings a better comfort to the patient and decrease band slippage.

Dr Patrick Grumillier

Do you have any advice (tips or tricks) for surgeons who may use the device?

I do not have any advice in particular. However, for me the average effective setting of the ring is 6cc but it is variable depending on the patient. I also perform the filling of the ring with saline and not contrast fluid. In my practice the ring size has covered the needs of all my patients.

What makes you propose to a patient a sleeve versus a LAGB or a GBP (age, BMI, co-morbidities, nutritional education sensibility, etc)?

Gastric band is presented to all my patients in first intention. I am not doing anymore bypass. For me, the sleeves are dangerous with a high risk of fistulas. The outcome/risk ratio is excellent for gastric banding. LAGB represents 85% of my practice. Out of these 85%, I have 84% of good to excellent results.

What do you think about gastric band and more specifically the BIORING in the treatment of obesity for teenagers?

No treatment before 18 years old, however, the gastric band is for me my preferred technique for young people as it is a reversible, adjustable and non-mutilating technique. Also in the future the technique and treatment of morbid obesity will evolve. A ring can always be removed after years following the arrival of a new treatment, unlike a Sleeve or Bypass. Also, Bypass technique brings great vitamin deficiencies, which is intolerable for teenager.

In your opinion, what are the keys of success of gastroplasty? (procedure, patient follow-up?)

The material used, the operating technique must be standardized (eg, in my practice I always perform a gastric pouch of 15cc), Patient follow-up is crucial! I perform a visit one month after the operation, and then every three months for two years. Patients are demanding these visits for adjustments. Thanks to this follow-up I have 84% of good to excellent results.

What do you think about the future of bariatric surgery? What will be the technical changes according to you? In your opinion, which relevant alternatives seem to emerge?

Today the treatment of morbid obesity is used as a second best. We treat one symptom but not the disease. For me, the future treatment of morbid obesity will be with the medical treatment of obesity and the addiction treatment.

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