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New online publication

BMC Obesity - new, open access publication launched

BMC Obesity has five editorial sections

BioMed Central, the open access publisher, has launched a new online publication that will publish articles on all aspects of human obesity. BMC Obesity is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that will include article on the prevention, causes, treatment, management, and implications of obesity, incorporating lifestyle, epidemiology, policy and community/environmental interventions, related approaches for weight loss and the prevention of weight gain, management of the condition including the use of drugs and surgery, and basic science relating to the causes and effects of obesity.

The first issue includes several articles, which will feature in greater detail on The publication’s editorial team includes Philip McTernan - University of Warwick, Anna Peeters - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, and Tommy Visscher - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwoll. The Executive Editor is Fernando Marques - BioMed Central.

In a launch editorial, the team note that BMC Obesity joins BMC Cancer as the second journal within the series to focus on a particular condition in the human body and the factors that contribute towards it.

BMC Obesity has five editorial sections:

  • Basic science, physiology, genetics, phenotyping and metabolism.
  • Epidemiology and ethnicity.
  • Lifestyle and community interventions.
  • Policies, socioeconomic aspects, and health systems research.
  • Treatment of obesity in clinical practice.

“BMC Obesity welcomes and encourages such research with a focus on the world’s number one chronic disease threat for public health: obesity,” the editorial notes.

To access the editorial, please click here


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