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You are here Top 10 most read articles in December 2013

Just in case you missed any news last month, these were the 10 most read articles on in December 2013 including the latest research, product & industry news, policy news and more...

Duo Intragastric Balloon meets primary efficacy endpoints
ReShape Medical has announced that its REDUCE Trial for the ReShape Duo Intragastric Balloon, has met its primary efficacy endpoints. The trial, which reached full enrolment in less than six months, involved eight US sites and studied 326 patients. The company is the first medical device company to successfully meet its primary efficacy endpoints in a US, randomised, sham-controlled pivotal trial for weight loss...(more)

Specialists launch interactive pre-surgery consultation application
Leading UK bariatric surgery specialist, Phoenix Health, has officially launched the world’s first interactive, online personal weight loss surgery consultation application. Designed to demist the subject area of weight loss surgery, this is a truly innovative step forward for the company, the industry as a whole, and those contemplating weight loss surgery...(more)

Second Mini Gastric Bypass Conference Report
In October 2013, the Second Mini Gastric Bypass Conference took place in Paris, France. Here, we are delighted to published a report from the meeting by Professor Mervyn Deitel, Chief, Advisory Board, International Bariatric Club, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus & Founding Editor, Obesity Surgery...(more)

EndoBarrier meta-analysis data presented at World IDF Congress
New findings from a meta-analysis describing the ‘increasingly robust efficacy and safety profile’ of EndoBarrier Therapy, has been announced at the International Diabetes Federation’s World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia. The findings add to the growing body of clinical evidence supporting the use of EndoBarrier Therapy for patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity...(more)

Bariatrics in Kuwait: Dr Salman Al Sabah
With 80% of its population overweight, 47.5% obese and ranking the 8th fattest population worldwide, Kuwait has a serious obesity problem. This has lead to widespread practice of bariatric surgery. Dr Salman Al Sabah, Director of Surgical Research and Academic Program in the Department of Surgery, Consultant Surgeon at Al Amiri hospital, Kuwait, Director of the First and Second Kuwait Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Conference and the First Gulf Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (GOSS) Meeting which is to be held in Kuwait on December 12-14 December 2014, talks to Bariatric News regarding educating the region about the dangers of ‘diabesity’ and the aims and themes of the First GOSS meeting...(more)

RYGB vs LSG: little difference between procedures
Four studies comparing laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy have reported that despite differences in reoperation rates, remission from type 2 diabetes and EWL, both procedures are safe with acceptably low morbidity and mortality rates...(more)

Professor Mervyn Deitel - a career in bariatric surgery
Bariatric News was delighted to speak with Professor Mervyn Deitel, one of the Founders of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery in 1983 in Iowa City and a President of the ASBS in 1995. He was one of the 13 Founders of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) in Stockholm in 1995, the first Executive Director of IFSO, and remains an Honorary Life Member. We spoke about his career in bariatric surgery...(more)

A NEW range of vitamins and minerals for your bariatric patients
It is widely accepted that lifelong multivitamin and mineral supplementation is essential for patients both before and after weight-loss surgery. There is currently no UK manufactured bariatric product which complies with expert recommendations on post-operative micronutrient supplementation. Forceval® is a vitamin and mineral supplement commonly prescribed for surgical weight-loss patients in the UK and other European countries.  However, Forceval® was never specifically formulated for bariatric patients and is deficient in a number of important respects.  The concentrations of some essential vitamins and minerals are inadequate for the surgical weight loss patient, whilst other important micronutrients are missing altogether...(more)

Apollo Endosurgery buys Allergan’s obesity unit
Apollo Endosurgery has completed the acquisition of the obesity intervention division of Allergan, which manufactures and sells weight loss solutions comprised of the Lap-Band adjustable gastric banding system and the Orbera intra-gastric balloon system...(more)

STAMPEDE: ghrelin normal after gastric bypass
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery restored normal regulation of the appetite hormone ghrelin, the latest analysis of the STAMPEDE trial has reported. Bypass patients also lost more abdominal fat and had improved insulin secretion, compared with patients who had sleeve gastrectomy (SG), even though their total weight loss was the same...(more)