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Company changes

Ethicon underlines commitment to specialty

changes to its UK surgical business units that will improve the level of service the company is able to provide to bariatric and metabolic professionals
Graham Judd

Ethicon recently announced changes to its UK surgical business units that will improve the level of service the company is able to provide to healthcare professionals, particularly for those involved in bariatric and metabolic surgery. The structural changes, which are designed to align the company more closely to surgical specialities, will allow Ethicon to understand the challenges of, and provide solutions for, this rapidly evolving specialty.

Bariatric News spoke with Graham Judd, Ethicon’s UK & Ireland Bariatrics Sales & Marketing Manager, who explained how transforming Ethicon’s relationship with surgical specialties will improve the company’s ability to support its UK customers. “We are the only provider who can offer such a breadth of portfolio into bariatric and metabolic surgical procedures,” said Judd. “Our Bariatric & Metabolic Business Development Managers are now focused on the complete specialty instead of elements of a procedure, and as a result they can support our customers with a more comprehensive service.” He explained that the changes are particularly relevant to all the members of the multi-disciplinary team involved in bariatric and metabolic surgery, from the surgeons and specialist nurses to theatre staff.

As a result, Ethicon UK now has a team of national Bariatric & Metabolic Business Development Managers for the UK and Ireland, who are responsible for market development.

“It is important that we can sit down with our customers and ask each one of them how we can improve their service,” added Judd. “In order to do this we must understand more than just surgical procedures, but the entire specialty. We can only continue to provide the best possible service in the bariatric and metabolic market by offering our customers a level of service that is completely focused on their needs and requirements.”

Although primarily focused in and around the multi-disciplinary surgical team, the remit of the Bariatric & Metabolic Business Development Managers also includes increasing the awareness, knowledge and understanding of bariatric and metabolic surgery to healthcare commissioners, policy-makers and general practitioners.


As part of Ethicon’s dedication to professional education, the company will continue to support the ‘Surgery for Obesity – Registrar Training and Educational Development’ (SORTED) courses, designed to provide operative training in addition to enhancing multi-disciplinary skills necessary to perform surgery.

“We are grateful to many of the UK’s leading bariatric and metabolic surgeons who give up their time to help, train and advise the next generation of surgeons, ” said Judd.

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