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ACMOMS VI: Controversies in metabolic surgery

Senior BJP Leader, Mr Venkaiah Naidu with Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, CODS India (source: CODS India Pvt. Ltd)
Asian Consensus Meeting on Metabolic Surgery

Asia's leading bariatric surgeons came together for a two-day conference at Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad, on 5th and 6th July, 2013 to discuss and debate on 'Controversies in metabolic surgery' and discoursed on nutrition, techniques, types, and existing issues in bariatric surgery.

The sixth ACMOMS (Asian Consensus Meeting on Metabolic Surgery) 2013, is an initiative by CODS India (Centre for Obesity and Digestive Surgery), and was attended by distinguished bariatric surgeons from across the Asian continent.

ACMOMS aimed to bring together renowned members of the Asian bariatric community; to deliberate bariatric surgery issues specifically concerning Asian body types. This conference, inaugurated by senior BJP leader Mr Venkaiah Naidu, also attempted to address the never ending spate of doubts and debates over the usefulness of bariatric surgery. While talking about his surgery, Naidu explained how he undertook it to manage diabetes rather than lose weight; and how it had benefitted him greatly.

Elaborating on why he chose to do his surgery at CODS , he thanked Dr Muffazal Lakdawala  and the team for their efforts, as well as initiatives like ACMOMS.

"ACMOMS has been instrumental in collating the Asian data which forms the basis of our consensus building exercise year after year,” said Lakdawala, founder of CODS. “We are committed towards a goal of setting guidelines for Asian body type that will benefit the entire Asian population. These conferences are gold mines of academic knowledge around bariatric surgeries and benefit the Asian bariatric surgeons' community as well."

As it has been gradually realised that the western diagnostic criterion for obesity and metabolic syndrome does not hold true for the Asian population, owing to genetic differences; ACMOMS VI focused many of its discussions to address unique needs and traits of the Asian population.

This was an appropriate course of action considering the epidemic proportions of diabetes, with more than 30 million diabetics in the Asia Pacific region itself. ACMOMS VI invited surgeons to an intense discussion regarding the persistent controversies around bariatric surgeries and BMI specific guidelines for bariatric surgery for obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The conference also shed light on metabolic surgeries, use of robotics in bariatric surgery and various medical procedures including Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries in bariatric surgery.

With an aim to give bariatric nutrition its due importance, ACMOMS VI also included a nutrition master class which was attended by renowned nutritionists from around the world.

The Bariatric Nutrition conference, organised jointly with Osmania University, extensively covered the diet structure for obesity-ridden individuals, with a special focus on obese Indian/Asian population.

ACMOMS, as a platform, has always been endorsed by premier surgical societies across the world; and ACMOMS VI validated this support with academic excellence and perspectives like none other.

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