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06/08/18 - Research
Diet, genetics and obesity
A correlation between obesity and genetics has been found to be modified by diet, according to researchers at the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), who found that a specific gene - APOA2 - can...
03/08/18 - Research
Gut bacteria
A preliminary study examining gut bacteria has found that for some people, specific activities of gut bacteria may be responsible for their inability to lose weight, despite adherence to strict diet...
03/08/18 - Research
Post-op sleeve strictures
Endoscopic treatment for post-operative strictures with pneumatic balloon dilation is effective and safe as the first line of management following sleeve gastrectomy, according to researchers from...
03/08/18 - Research
Fat-grafting technique
Researchers from Columbia University have developed a simple, innovative method to directly convert white fat to brown fat outside the body and then re-implant it in a patient. The technique uses fat...
30/07/18 - Research
EndoBarrier data
Data from a UK National Health Service (NHS) EndoBarrier Registry presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions demonstrated that metabolic improvements made by patients...
14/08/18 - Research
Fracture risk after gastric bypass
The risk of bone fractures increases after a gastric bypass operation, according to researchers from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The study is based on the records of 38...
13/08/18 - Research
OXYBAR study
Australian researchers have commenced a pilot study that will assess whether post-operative high flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNO2) improves respiratory function and reduces the incidence of post-...
13/08/18 - Research
SADI conversion after LSG
Patients who underwent single anastomosis duodenoileal (SADI) bypass surgery after failed laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy reported significantly more weight loss, compared to patients who underwent...

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