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27/04/16 - Event
Live obesity surgery report
Any bariatric surgery is a big challenge for each surgeon. Sophisticated anatomy ,special difficult anatomical peculiarities and obesity-associated comorbidities distinguish this kind of surgery from...
21/03/16 - Event
Obesity Surgery Society of India has recently concluded its annual conference OSSICON 2016 in the beautiful Northern city of Chandigarh on the foothills of The Himalayas. With nearly 500 delegates,...
07/03/16 - Event
ICCDS 2016
It gives me great pleasure to extend this invitation, on behalf of the distinguished Faculty and the Canadian Chapter of ASMBS, to all colleagues in the field of obesity surgery, obesity management...
21/11/15 - Event
European Obesity Summit
The European Chapter of IFSO and the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) will unite their 2016 congresses to create the inaugural European Obesity Summit. Hosted at the Swedish...
19/08/15 - Event
Despite the success of bariatric surgery in assisting patients to achieve adequate weight loss, approximately 20 percent of patients experience weight regain following surgery. With this in mind, at...
09/09/16 - Event
Conference report
This article was authored by Drs Mervyn Deitel and Kuldeepak S Kular The Mini-Gastric Bypass – One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass Club (Figures 1 and 2) was formed in August 2015 at the IFSO Vienna...
01/09/16 - Event
ObesityWeek 2016
Get a glimpse into the future of obesity research and treatment when more than 1,000 research abstracts are presented on new and emerging obesity treatments, the science of weight loss, new...
10/05/16 - Event
European Obesity Summit
At the European Obesity Summit in June in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dr Hjortur Gislason, Lead Metabolic Surgeon in Aleris Hospital, Kristianstad, Sweden and Oslo, Norway, will host a high volume fast track...

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