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05/04/19 - Research
BEAT Obesity
Although bariatric embolization is unlikely to promote weight loss as effectively as bariatric surgery, it is at least as effective as some pharmacotherapies (ie, liraglutide, orlistat, lorcaserin),...
04/04/19 - Research
ReShape Lifesciences announced that the company has successfully implanted its first patient in the ENDURE II trial designed to support CE Marking of the ReShape Vest. The ReShape Vest System is an...
04/04/19 - Research
Obesity and stigma
People with obesity are not only stigmatised, but are blatantly dehumanised, according to a study by researchers from the University of Liverpool, UK. Previous research has suggested that people...
04/04/19 - Research
Obesity and cancer
New studies led by University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers are exploring the biological mechanisms behind obesity and its link with cancer. Research findings...
04/04/19 - Research
Excess body weight, age and pancreatic cancer
Excess weight before age 50 may be more strongly associated with pancreatic cancer mortality risk than excess weight at older ages, according to results of a study presented at the AACR Annual...
18/04/19 - Research
Rheumatic disorders and surgery
A literature review by researchers looking at the complex relationship between obesity, various rheumatic diseases and bariatric surgery has underscored the need to establish long-term prospective...
16/04/19 - Research
Cognitive functioning and surgery
Young people with cognitive impairments and developmental disabilities (CI/DD), including Down syndrome, have similar weight-loss trajectories to those with typical cognitive function after bariatric...
12/04/19 - Research
1st Kuwait National Bariatric Registry Report
The State of Kuwait Ministry of Health and Dendrite Clinical Systems, in conjunction with Bader Sultan & Brothers Company, are delighted to announce the publication of the First Kuwait National...

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