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New tools for registries

SBCBM creates new tools for bariatric patient registries

The idea of an ID for patients was a big success, but it required protective measures from fraud and forgery

The Brazilian Society for Bariatric Surgery (SBCBM) recently presented at a World Congress of IFSO in Madrid a new platform that will allow the registry and accompaniment on Brazilian patients throughout the country. Led by Dr João Caetano Dallegrave Marchesini, the work is highly important to shine a light on all professional registries of expert surgeons, and every lesson which could be learned over the years.

The is article was authored By Ceres Battistelli

“The introduction of a quality registry is justified when new technology is introduced, as well as when an existing method is increasingly used in several types of clinical settings,” he explained.

Although the importance of nationwide registries is uncontested, the SBCBM did not find any system, until this year, which could provide a friendly platform to kick off the process and provide real data about Brazilian patients. According to the study, only important hospitals in the major cities have their own registries, but they are used for administrative purposes.

João Marchesini

“Due to the high volume and complexity of the required information, surgeons do not have the time or the commitment to input all that data. Another problem is that the majority of surgeons would have to hire staff to keep records of the numbers, what in our country leads to an unachievable task”, added Marchesini.

The search for information took the best of efforts by the authors. To accomplish such task, commitment was the focus. But how to make bariatric surgeons commit to this duty despite of all the difficulties?

The study answered this and other questions back in 2011. At that time, the SBCBM president Ricardo Cohen launched the bariatric patient ID card. Basically, it was a paperboard card that the surgeons of the society provided their patients with, in which basic information such as surgery procedure type, date of surgery, name of the surgeon and a little space for annotations were contained. Since this invention, patients started using the Bariatric ID to negotiate discounts with restaurants, pharmacies, gyms, clothing stores and many other establishments.

New Technology

The idea of an ID for patients was a big success, but it required protective measures from fraud and forgery. Launched in October 2019, the Barilife™ App has many features: a digital ID verifiable through QR-Code; weekly tips about exercises, nutritional advices, cooking lessons are the promises for its users. It will also contain data on surgeries and points of interest such as pharmacies, gyms, restaurants that participate in the discount chain for bariatric patients; an agenda so the patient can keep track of the next consultations and the time of his periodic exams; weather alerts and, finally, surveys to understand more of their needs.

“Most importantly, if the patient doesn’t want to receive notifications, they can just turn them off. The app will be free, but to get the digital ID it will be necessary for the patient to input some important data, such as age, gender, weight before surgery, current weight, height, name of the hospital and how many days spent there, name and contact of the surgeon, city and state”.

After accepting all the stated agreements, instant access to all the functionalities is provided.

So what to expect with and from this app?

“First of all, it most certainly will provide: valuable information about surgeons whom perform bariatric surgery and are not members of the society; a panorama of surgeries being done and the quantity of them; and should keep the SBCBM closer to the patients and give the chance to do surveys that may tell us why we are helping less than 1.5% of the eligible patients for bariatric surgery,” said Marchesini. “Keeping track of safety measurements to achieve a point of excellence on quality is necessary, so the app will be an extension of a registration program that the SBCBM is designing for 2020, where the platform for the surgeon participation will be a much friendlier one” Indeed, a valuable and exciting update on data and trends on the field.”

All authors are members of the Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and do not have any conflict of interests.

Presentation title: The Brazilian Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Patient Reported Registry Authors: Joao Caetano Dallegrave Marchesini1 Marcos Leão Villasboas2 Isaac Walker3 Gustavo Quadros4 Guilherme Rocha Campos** 1.Former President of The Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Society (2017- 2018) 2.Current President of The Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery 3.Member of The Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery 4.Member of The Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery ** Honorary Member of The Brazilian Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Corresponding author: João Caetano Dallegrave Marchesini.

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