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Patient experiences

Exploring patient experiences during the bariatric surgery journey

Questions will enquire about a patient’s circumstances, relationships, responses to negative emotions and eating behaviour

A PhD student at Swansea University has begun a study that is exploring patient experiences during their journey through bariatric surgery. Specifically, looking at the patients’ responses to negative emotions prior to surgery and examine whether this information can provide some useful information to understand and improve post-operative outcomes.

“We are interested in understanding how people cope with negative emotions, particularly those who are awaiting bariatric surgery,” explained Chief Investigator, Tanisha Douglas. “Participants will be given access to a questionnaire which asks about their behaviour and their circumstances. At times, this may seem repetitive but please be assured that we are trying to be thorough.”

Questions will enquire about a patient’s circumstances, relationships, responses to negative emotions and eating behaviour. The questionnaire can be completed online using a tablet or a computer. About two weeks after completing the questionnaire, participants will be invited to complete a shorter version of this questionnaire.

All data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and will be made anonymous once participants have completed both parts of the study, and it will not be possible to identify and remove data at a later date. Therefore, if at the end of this research if participants decide to have their data withdrawn, please let the research team know prior to the end of the study period, without giving a reason.

Standard ethical procedures will involve participants providing their consent to participate in this study by completing the consent form that is provided. The data will primarily be reported in the PhD thesis written by Tanisha Douglas at Swansea University and will also be used to produce research articles which will be published in academic research journals. Participants will not be identified in any presentations or publications.

A generous prize draw is offered in return for participation. The researchers have 5 x £50 shopping vouchers to give away.

If you would like to take part in the study or have any other questions, please email Tanisha Douglas here

For more information about the study, please click here

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