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Bandboozled slimming club

Bandboozled: UK’s first slimming club for people with a gastric band

The support website which has launched in partnership with The Hospital Group, offers invaluable support and advice to help members achieve their weight loss goals

Launched in partnership with The Hospital Group, Bandboozled offers invaluable support and education which are key to getting the full benefit of the weight loss surgery success and achieving weight loss goals. Although a gastric band is a fantastic tool to aid weight loss, it won’t do the work for you; healthy eating and exercise alongside the band are vital to see the best results.

The slimming club was founded by The Hospital Group’s Sue Norton (Bariatric Specialist Dietician) and Nicola Harris (Bariatric Specialist Nurse) after they saw a need to support patients further in achieving their weight loss goals. An online platform offers patient advice and help anytime to support patients in – between their scheduled appointments with their patient advisor, dietitians or a nurse with The Hospital Group.

“The majority of our patients come to us after having struggled with their weight for many, many years - they have usually tried every diet going and view weight loss surgery as their final option,” said Sue Norton. “Though the gastric band provides a great start to a long-lasting weight loss journey, it’s the education and support that make the real difference in the results with the band. The gastric band itself probably does around 30% of the work for you in terms of managing hunger and portion sizes but the remaining 70% is down to healthy eating, regular activity and working with the band - that’s where BandBoozled can help. We offer 12 months free membership to The Hospital Group gastric band patients for 12 months as part of our high-quality aftercare package (in comparison to £4.99 first month (£9.99 afterwards). There’s no joining fee or contracts meaning members can join and cancel at any time.”

Membership of the Bandboozled includes:

  • Online Weight Tracker
  • Loads of tasty recipes to enjoy
  • Meal plans for liquid, soft and textured diet phases
  • Fabulous Diet plans to keep you on track
  • Help and support from our nurse and dietitian
  • Friendly Forum to chat to new friends
  • Expert band advice
  • Activity, lifestyle and Healthy Eating advice
  • Weekly recipes, news and articles
  • Weight Mates to share their experiences with the band
  • 30 Page Motivational Month booklet to get you started

The Bandboozled online portal hosts invaluable advice on preventing complications, the correct foods to eat, eating technique, the vitamins you need, protein requirements, portion sizes, diet plans and much more. One of the most useful areas of the portal is “The Café”, a forum where patients can discuss their own journeys, questions and gain support through shared experiences. Patients will also find pre and post-op diet plans and advice which covers the fitness and medical aspects of the weight loss journey.

For more information, please click here or visit The Hospital Groups' blog post about the partnership:

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