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BARIAlink: Linking International Experts on Bariatric Surgery

The primary aim and purpose of this bariatric network is to share and to discuss, on a high professional level, complex bariatric and metabolic surgery cases with interested bariatric surgeons worldwide

Bariatric Surgery is a relatively new surgical sub discipline and is (still) increasing rapidly worldwide, both in total numbers of performed surgical procedures as in scientific interest; the latter demonstrated by the changing terminology into bariatric and metabolic surgery, and even into diabetic surgery.

this article was authored by Dr Bruno Dillemans, AZ Sint-Jan Brugge-Ostend, Belgium


BARIAlink is a new concept which Dr. Dillemans started in 2016 to create a network of skilled bariatric surgeons to teach surgical excellence. The primary aim and purpose of this bariatric network is to share and to discuss, on a high professional level, complex bariatric and metabolic surgery cases with interested bariatric surgeons worldwide. BARIAlink consists of two pillars: BARIAlink Academy and BARIAlink Library.

BARIAlink Academy

This Academy is a virtual classroom where difficult (mostly revisional) bariatric surgery cases from all participating centres are presented and extensively discussed in plenary. The Academy mainly focusses on diagnostic workout and potential therapeutic surgical solutions of those cases. But also, pre- and postoperative problems or complications (with/without video clips) are dealt with. The cases are discussed between colleagues – friends, on a systematic and professional manner. The actual active participating surgeons are listed below:

  • Dr. Bruno Dillemans – Bruges (Belgium)
  • Dr. Michel Vix – Strasbourg (France)
  • Dr. Faki Akin – Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Dr. Mohammed Diaa Sarhan – Caïro (Egypt)
  • Dr. AbdulAziz Zaid – Dubai (UAE)              
  • Dr. Catalin Copaescu – Bucharest (Romania)
  • Dr. Maria Solovyeva – Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
  • Dr. Antonio Torres – Madrid (Spain)
  • Dr. Sanjay Agrawal – London (UK)            
  • Dr. Carlos Vaz – Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Dr. Kurt Devroe – Bonheiden (Belgium) 
  • Dr. Talal Khewater – Tabuk (Saudi Arabia)
  • Dr. François Pattou – Lille (France)          
  • Dr. Matthias Lannoo – Leuven (Belgium)
  • Dr. Shashank Shah – Pune (India)             
  • Dr. Aleksandr Neimark – Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
  • Dr. Rui Ribeiro – Lisbon (Portugal)           
  • Dr. Syed Tanseer – Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

The initial setup was a simple in and out web platform using Adobe Connect. After some successful start-up meetings, Medtronic was eager to join this initiative and installed a very user-friendly web platform and provided a specific hardware kit for each of the participating centers.

Medtronic is leading the move to Value Based Healthcare and one of the ways the lead that transformation is through Impact, a world class training and education that has patient outcomes at the heart of everything they do. Medtronic has enhanced its training offering by using new technologies like virtual classrooms, remote case observation that makes it more accessible for the healthcare professional to learn at the times it suit the individual.


Since March 2016:

  • 18 sessions = 160 cases
  • Once a month
  • 06.00 PM Brussels Time
  • 2 hours
  • +/- 10 cases
  • Preoperative – Peroperative - Postoperative
  • Evaluation by Scientific Committee
  • Active and Passive centres

Since September 2017:

  • Foundation
  • Project Manager

Type of case presentations

Pre-operative cases

  • Failed primary bariatric/complicated cases
  • Rare cases
  • Diagnostic dilemma's
  • Variety surgical & non-surgical options

Peroperative cases

  • Surgical technical aspects
  • Complications
  • Unexpected findings
  • Feedback preop cases

Postoperative cases

  • Complications/side effects
  • (un)Successful results
  • Feedback pre/postop cases
  • Roundups

Active/passive centres

We will continue to organize BARIAlink Academies worldwide with new active centres but also every interested surgeon can join the virtual classroom as a passive partner. To facilitate the presence to the BARIAlink Academies, a specific Adobe Connect App has been developed.

Kickoff London

We had a great kickoff meeting at IFSO 2017 in London. We presented our BARIAlink Academy during the Medtronic Symposium. We discussed some interesting cases as in a real virtual classroom.

We also presented the BARIAlink Library that has now been created.

BARIAlink Library

In conjunction to the Academy, we recently launched a new professional website ( where you can register and search for all interesting cases that were presented on a virtual classroom. You have an overview of all virtual classrooms with all his cases, an overview of the active centres and the surgeons that did present the cases as well as an overview of all interesting cases that were not presented in a virtual classroom.

  • Dynamic, easy to use website
  • Log in for active /passive participants
  • Identity of the presenter – local hospital
  • Storage of each presented and discussed case
  • Full documentation
  • Images
  • Videos of the examinations and surgical procedures
  • Powerpoint presentation of the presented case
  • Video of the recorded virtual classroom

Fore more infomration, please visit:

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