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MGB-OAGB 2018 Conference

MGB-OAGB Consensus Conference June 28-29 2018

This is the 5th international annual meeting and the 3rd Conference of the MGB-OAGB Club, which now has over 450 members from 44 countries

The mini-gastric bypass  (MGB) and its variant, the one-anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB), have increased remarkably over the last decade.  They are now the 3rd most common bariatric operation and make up the most frequent bypasses in many countries.

The article was authored by Mervyn Deitel (left), Canada, Director of the MGB-OAGB Club and Enrique Luque-de-Leon (right), Mexico, Scientific Chairman

These operations are simple, safe and very effective. They lead to amazing resolution of co-morbidities, especially diabetes and those associated with the metabolic syndrome, as well as substantial durable weight loss, and favourable quality of life.

Under the superb leadership of President Miguel A Carbajo, the world leaders will be presenting their experience in Valladolid, Spain, 28-29 June 2018 – a city of captivating museums, enchanting castles, world heritage sites, famed wineries, impressive cuisine, and culture.

Cutting-edge abstracts are being received by the International Scientific Committee, and topics will include:

  • standardisation and technical details
  • how and why MGB-OAGB work
  • perioperative and postoperative care
  • critical factors for success
  • prevention and management of early and late complications
  • long-term outcomes across the globe; and
  • metabolic effects of MGB-OAGB.

In addition, controversial aspects including rare bile reflux and possible gastroesophageal cancer, limb lengths and nutritional issues will also be covered. Other bariatric operations will be compared with MGB-OAGB.  

Also, MGB-OAGB’s role in revisional surgery after other failed procedures, as well as why, when and how to reverse or revise MGB-OAGB for failure or complications will also be incorporated in our themes.

This is the 5th international annual meeting and the 3rd Conference of the MGB-OAGB Club, which now has over 450 members from 44 countries. Oral, video and poster scientific presentations, plenary sessions, panel and audience discussions and state-of-the-art lectures will be featured.  

For abstract submission, registration and hotels etc, please click here

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