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TV programme

blink Films looking for obese patients for unique TV programme

blink Films want to provide expert help, which can include the cost of surgery

blink Films are developing a television series looking at the increasing number of obese people in Britain who are physically or psychologically unable to leave their homes due to their weight. They want to provide expert help, which can include the cost of surgery.

Perhaps you want to leave the house but feel there is no practical way, and can’t see how you might ever return to a healthy weight. You might be stuck in the house and have been refused surgery or be on the waiting list but don’t know when the chance will come.Perhaps you refuse to leave the house for psychological reasons and need the courage to go outside again.

They’d like to hear from you.

They aare also looking to hear from obesity experts - surgeons and allied healthcare professionals about their experiences, as well as hearing from parents of teenagers suffering from this condition, or carers/families/partners who are struggling to look after someone with the condition.

If you are interested in particpating and wish to talk, please get in touch with blink Films here

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