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vBloc Therapy programme

EnteroMedics launches affordable vBloc Therapy programme

Company claims vbloc now programme features competitive pricing when compared to other weight loss procedures

EnteroMedics has launch of the vBloc Now programme, which provides qualified patients access to vBloc Therapy at a reduced cost in partnership with select bariatric and weight loss centres across the United States. vBloc Therapy is designed to help patients feel full, eat less food, and lose weight, thereby improving their overall health.

"We've repeatedly stated that our goal remains broad coverage and reimbursement for vBloc Therapy," said Dan Gladney, EnteroMedics President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. "Since receiving FDA approval in 2015, the largest barrier to adoption for patients who want vBloc Therapy has been cost. Discussions with interested payers indicate our final hurdle to insurance coverage is gathering additional patient data in a commercial setting. The vBloc Now programme is designed to generate commercial vBloc patient outcomes and support positive coverage decisions."

The vBloc Now programme provides qualified patients battling obesity the opportunity to receive vBloc Therapy including the device, procedure, and vBloc Achieve follow up programme at an affordable price in exchange for sharing detailed health data with EnteroMedics. The programme is available for a limited time, will reduce patient total out-of-pocket costs, and compete with leading covered bariatric surgery procedures as well as other low-cost weight loss devices.

According to the company, hundreds of clinical trial patients with vBloc Therapy have shown durable excess weight loss at two years, as well as meaningful improvements in related health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. The vBloc Now programme started at two vBloc Institutes in the beginning of June 2017 and more than 30 patients who applied for the programmeme are expected to complete the minimally invasive procedure and start vBloc Therapy before the end of the June 2017.

vBloc Therapy is approved for use in helping with weight loss in people aged 18 years and older who are obese, with a BMI40-45 or a BMI35-39.9 with a related health condition such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or obstructive sleep apnoea who have had a poor response to trying to lose weight under supervision in the last five years.

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