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Consumer podcast delivers post-bariatric surgery support

Beyond bariatric surgery – everything you need to move on

A new podcast, Beyond Bariatric Surgery Podcast, launched in May 2017, brings together the world’s best advice and support for bariatric surgery patients. Podcast host and nutrition expert, Dr Susan Mitchell based in Orlando, Florid,a has teamed up with Australian bariatric dietitian, Amanda Clark, to provide professional support to the bariatric community.

The podcast is delivered free to subscribers every two weeks in a 20-minute format direct to their podcast apps or can be accessed online from the website at Content includes input from experts in the fields of nutrition, psychology, physical activity, medicine and nursing along with consumer insights and stories.

Amanda Clark

“I recently contributed to an academic trial associated with post bariatric surgery patients in the US and Australia” said Amanda. “I found that there were many people with limited access to quality advice and support after their surgery. I attend Australian and US conferences on bariatric surgery and meet so many professionals with great knowledge that isn’t reaching those people. It seemed a simple solution to team up with Dr Susan Mitchell whose media skill ensures a smooth delivery of great advice in combination with a moderated support community via social media.”

The few episodes have been very well received with over 2,000 downloads to date. Topics covered include portion control, an interview with psychologist for the Australian The Biggest Loser: Transformed, Glenn Mackintosh, on emotional eating and input from consumer and bariatric nurse coordinator, Brenda Hoehn, from St Francis Medical Centre in Missouri, regarding her dual role as patient and practitioner.

Amanda is the author and creator of the Portion Perfection for Bariatrics toolkit and Susan is the owner of Practicalories LLC and hosts the Breaking Down Nutrition Podcast with versions for medical professionals and consumers.

If you would like more information about Beyond Bariatric Surgery, please contact Amanda Clark at +61 7 5536 6400 or email

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