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BeeWell launches app for bariatric specialists

App guides patients through care innovative patient education app provides interactive, step-by-step patient guide

BeeWell has launched a custom app for Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina (BSNC), a weight loss surgery and non-surgical medical weight loss practice. The app is designed to advance patient understanding of their medical intervention or treatments by giving them an interactive, step-by-step guide and this BSNC app guides patients through the process of deciding about treatment options, pre- and post-surgical instructions, and relevant resources along their way to a successful outcome.

Although healthcare professionals, including bariatric practices, work hard to educate patients, knowing that an engaged patient is more likely to be successful, research shows that up to 80 percent of what patients hear from their provider is forgotten immediately and of what is remembered, almost half is incorrect. By organising a practice’s existing expert content into a logical flow of information in a mobile app, BeeWell helps ensure patients and their caretakers always have their provider’s information at hand when it is most needed.

“In the years since we were founded, technology has evolved in incredible ways, creating opportunities to reach our patients on platforms they already use,” said Dr Paul Enochs, founding partner, Bariatric Specialists of North Carolina. “The BSNC mobile app, designed by BeeWell, not only enhances our relationships with our patients and provides them with a more effective overall experience, but it also offers savings in printing and updating materials.”

The BSNC mobile app features provider content developed by Dr Enochs and helps them meet a Patient Education Guidelines established by the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). Through various levels of customisation, healthcare providers receive their own branded app with features to streamline patient education, improve patient satisfaction and compliance, and decrease costs of existing processes.

“Diagnosis and care information from a patient’s physician is the most trusted and valuable form of guidance. Yet, without a convenient way for patients and caregivers to access that information on-demand, they tend to turn to less trusted resources accessible through online search engines,” said Matt Womble, chief executive officer, BeeWell. “As healthcare professionals, the opportunity for technology to enhance how information is shared between patient and provider became evident. The BellWell mobile app enhances that relationship while helping to engage patients in their care.”

BeeWell will demonstrate its custom mobile app capabilities at ObesityWeek, an international event bringing together world-renowned experts in obesity to share innovation and breakthroughs in science, at booth No. 713.

Healthcare professional can also tune into BeeWell’s Facebook LIVE updates from the conference floor to learn more about how the need for patients to be fully engaged is essential to transform the quality of modern healthcare.

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