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New collaboration

Ethicon and Touch Surgery in medical education pact

Digital content that aids surgeons and students in training anytime and anywhere

Ethicon has announced a strategic collaboration with Touch Surgery to help improve patient outcomes by delivering simulated surgical training, based on the safe and efficacious use of Ethicon products, in a free mobile app that can reach medical professionals in even remote regions of the world. Ethicon and Touch Surgery believe their combined surgical technology platforms and unique 3D simulations, will provide digital content that aids surgeons and students in training anytime, anywhere.

“We’re looking to improve the standards of surgical care and treatment around the word, accelerating our pace of innovation and aiding the training of more physicians through collaborations such as this agreement with Touch Surgery,” says Michael del Prado, Company Group Chairman, Ethicon. “It reflects our broad-based approach to innovation and is another important step toward developing a trusted education ecosystem that improves patient outcomes.”

The Touch Surgery platform empowers and connects the global surgery community by enabling virtual surgical training on procedures in 3D operating room simulations that are unlike other available solutions. The app currently has one million users and helps enable surgeons and other healthcare providers to practice more than 75 procedures of varying surgical specialties.

The companies have previously launched their laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) app in November 2015. Authored by Michel Gagner, the app seeks to answer such questions as what are the recommended staple loads to be used with and without buttress? What is the appropriate bougie size to use? What is the optimal distance from the pylorus to begin the transection?

The app includes 4 simulations

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Phase 1: Patient Preparation and Insertion of Trocars & Laparoscopy
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Phase 2: Mobilization of the Stomach
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Phase 3: Creation of the Gastric Sleeve
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Phase 4: Leak Test, Specimen Removal & Closure

However, it should be noted that the steps to the sleeve gastrectomy demonstrated in the app are typical steps only and may not represent the complete steps of the procedure. The questions and answers that appear in the “Test” mode of this module are based on Gagner’s individual technique, but individual surgeon preference and experience, as well as patient needs, should always dictate variation in procedure steps.

Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies are committed to expanding access to surgical procedures around the world, especially in developing countries where access to the latest training practices can be limited. The collaboration with Touch Surgery will help bolster the library of procedures to create leading educational content across a broad range of surgical specialties, helping to expand resident education and standardise procedures.

Ethicon will begin by addressing training needs in General Surgery and will look at potential opportunities to expand over time to include other Johnson & Johnson Medical Device Companies businesses and specialties, such as orthopaedics and cardiovascular.

To learn more about the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy app, please click here

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