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Bariatric malpractice protection

Malpractice risk protection program for bariatric surgeons

Risk-reduction solutions for Bariatrics combined with top-rated malpractice insurance strength provide powerful protection for high-growth Bariatric surgery specialty

MGIS Underwriting Managers (MGIS), in partnership with OmniSure Consulting Group, have introduced the PhysicianProtect | Bariatric, a malpractice risk mitigation solution specifically for bariatric surgeons. OmniSure Consulting's deep clinical expertise provides specialty-specific tools to identify opportunities and strategies unique to the bariatric surgery specialty in order to support bariatric surgeons in mitigating their liability exposure. 

For example, the fact that many patients are self-pay, and the risk for late term significant complications means bariatric procedure-specific patient compliance and engagement strategies are critical to a program's favourable clinical outcomes.

"Our deep involvement in bariatrics allows us to develop risk management and mitigation strategies for specific devices and procedures, both current and emerging," said Amanda Budak, Vice President of Clinical Operations for OmniSure Consulting. "Many of our bariatric surgery clients have had success with tools such as procedure-specific informed consent and patient selection criteria tailored to their practice."

"In addition to solid insurance coverage designed for their specialty, Bariatric surgeons need risk mitigation and patient management strategies proven to be effective for their unique niche in medicine," says Jeff Brunken, President of MGIS. "The PhysicianProtect | Bariatric solution brings together proven components that specifically address these needs and lower risk, cost, and administrative headaches for these surgeons and their practices. This is a unique combination built for bariatric medicine professional liability risk exposures."

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