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New website dedicated to banded gastric bypass

Latest evidenced-based peer-reviewed papers
Discusses primary and revision procedures, outcomes and complications
Unique collection of banded gastric bypass videos
Q&A forum with world renowned experts

A unique, new website focused on the benefits of banded gastric bypass has been launched, The innovative website - made by surgeons for surgeons - presents a comprehensive overview of peer-reviewed, evidenced-based papers that discuss the advantages of banded gastric bypass compared with standard gastric bypass.

Although banded gastric bypass has been performed for several decades, it is only in the last few years that the procedure has become more widely accepted as a means to prevent weight regain. outlines the history of gastric bypass surgery and discusses some of the reasons why a significant number of patients present with weight regain some years after the procedure, such as loss of restriction due to the enlargement of the gastric pouch, dilation of the gastrojejunostomy, and enlargement of the jejunum directly after the gastrojejunostomy. The website also clearly explains the basic principles of banding the bypass and why the procedure is so effective. also summaries the results from both primary and revision surgery, as well as the complications such as erosion and/or migration that can arise from banded bypass surgery. has been developed by surgeons for surgeons and with this in mind, provides a Q&A module through which questions can be asked to a panel of banded bypass experts. 

Luc Lemmens

“This website is a helpful tool for surgeons who are considering banded gastric bypass. It gives them a vast theoretical background on the technique and offers them a platform to ask questions to those who have collectively already operated thousands of patients with this procedure," said Dr Lemmens, Sint Nikolaas, Belgium is also host to a unique collection of banded gastric bypass videos including a revision banded bypass with pouch resection, a primary banded bypass with circular stapler, banded bypass with linear stapler and a revision banded bypass with adjustable gastric band. As the site develops it is hoped that more videos will be added over time.

In addition to peer-review literature, Ask the Experts forum and videos, the website has exclusive interviews, publications and news related to banded bypass gastric surgery. To find out more, please visit:

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